Academic Highlight: Criminology

by · November 11, 2018

Mount junior Tianna Hill already knows how she wants to use her degree in Criminology: “I want to be the first African American woman to be Police Commissioner of New York City.”

She’ll be prepared for the job thanks to the Mount’s newest major of Criminology.

Criminology at the Mount explores the study and exploration of the varied aspects of crime including the process of defining crime; victimization and the response of the criminal justice system to that victimization; the response of society to crime, criminals, and victims; and exploring the various reasons as to why people commit crime. It’s a unique program in that it focuses not just on the legal aspect of crime, but also the sociology side – the psychological impacts on both victims and criminals, society’s view of crime throughout history, and the larger reasons why people commit crimes in the first place.

For Tianna, who is also the secretary of the Alpha Knights Step Team and a resident assistant at the Mount, she sees this major as an opportunity to make a difference in the community, not being afraid to look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the current criminal justice system and working with others to effect positive change.

“My favorite thing about studying criminology is gaining knowledge about bringing justice to victims. I want to bring some sort of change to the criminal justice system whether it’s big or small,” she notes.

Are you interested in the Mount’s Criminology major? Learn more here!

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