Habitat for Humanity

by · November 8, 2018

At Mount Saint Mary College, there are many clubs that help to give back to the community. One such club is Habitat for Humanity.  The Mount Saint Mary College chapter of Habitat for Humanity has done a lot to give back to communities over the years and continues to grow with more student involvement each year. The president, Katie Hertlein, is a senior this year and has been running the club for 3 years now.

Katie spoke about how the club gives back to Newburgh. “We work with Habitat For Humanity of Greater Newburgh. This organization has allowed us to come on worksites which we attend on Saturdays, working alongside the organization. Many houses have been worked on by our Habitat group. In the spring is an annual Walk for Housing which takes you around the streets where Habitat houses have been completed, or are currently being worked on.”

Her overall greatest experience in the club was her freshman year when the club went on a mission trip to San Antonio, Texas. In doing so, they collaborated with another college to help rebuild homes for those in need. It was a very humbling experience. She reflected, “It truly made me see how lucky I am, yet it also gave me a sense of purpose and want to continue on in this type of service. We were able to meet the family who would live there and after returning home, we received pictures of the completed house only weeks after we had been there working on it.”

Katie joined this club to find her purpose and, in growing within the club, she has found her love in giving back.

Join Habitat for Humanity today not only to find your purpose but to make memories too.