My Nursing Experience at MSMC

by · November 6, 2018

We caught up with senior Nursing major Nicolette Moustouka to talk about her experience in the Nursing program at the Mount – and how she handles a full schedule of study, Division III athletics, and extracurriculars.

KL: What made you want to be a nurse?

Nicolette: I chose to go into Nursing because I have a passion for caring for others and being there for them. It’s also a career path that I know is interesting and is going to challenge me. It’s a field where you keep on learning new things. And most importantly I know I can make a difference in someone’s life.

KL: Why did you specifically choose the Mount to pursue your nursing career?

Nicolette: One of the reasons I chose to study Nursing at the Mount is because of the small class sizes. Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and that’s something you need in a rigorous program like this. The professors also know their students by names and want to see their students succeed. Every teacher has an open door policy, and if you are struggling, they are always there to help you. What I also love about the Nursing program at the Mount is how close the Nursing majors in my graduating class are. There is always someone you can lean on if you have a question or don’t understand a topic.

KL: What else are you involved in at the Mount?

Nicolette: I am a resident assistant, part of the Women’s Softball team, a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and a Leadership Scholar.

KL: Why do you think getting involved, despite your hectic schedule, is important to your college experience?

Nicolette: I choose to get involved on campus for a number of reasons. 1. It allows me to become friends with different people. The Mount is known for that. With the various amount of clubs, activities, and sports on campus, there is always a friend group for everyone. 2. It allows me to better manage my school work. 3. It allows me to stay updated on what’s going on around campus. 4. Lastly, being involed makes me happy, let’s me represent MSMC, and truly has shaped me into the person I am today.

KL: What is one thing you think makes the Mount special?

Nicolette: The weekend events are what I think make the Mount so special. For example, bingo, stuff a bear, country night, hypnotists, spring weekend, and many more events bring people together, and everyone has a good time. Bingo in particular is a big hit on campus. Everyone gets so into it, and the prizes are great!

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