Love Your Melon

by · October 26, 2018

The month of October is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.  A club on campus that helps those with cancer is Love Your Melon. This organization was founded in 2012 as just a simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America. It was actually founded in an entrepreneurship class at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota by two friends: Zachary and Brian. To this day the organization and many colleges, including the Mount, have given 149,738 beanies to children battling cancer. Love Your Melon does not only give beanies out to children, however; they also give 50% of their profits to non-profit organizations that benefit childhood cancers.

Many colleges can join Love your Melon, and Mount Saint Mary College is one of them. Christina Ryan, president of Love Your Melon at the Mount, reflected about her time in the club stating, “I came across Love Your Melon when I purchased my first beanie December 2015 and noticed at check out, you can give credit to a college campus. A few days after that purchase, I received a notification on my Instagram that a page called Mount Saint Mary Love your Melon (MSMCLYM) requested to follow me. After introducing myself and stating why I wanted to become involved, they added me to the crew. Kelsey O’Brien started the MSMC Love Your Melon Campus Crew in the spring of 2016. She also graduated that spring and the following year I became Crew Captain.“

Christina’s greatest experience in the club is Superhero day. On this day club members get to go to a hospital and hang out and distribute beanies to the children who are affected by cancer. “After this experience, we are able to have a different outlook and truly see the work Love Your Melon does as an organization,” Christina said. “Seeing all these children with smiles from ear to ear shows that these kids are the true superheroes. “ Mount Saint Mary College currently has 30 members involved and are always looking for volunteers to help.

Being that it is cancer awareness month, Christina said. “I believe breast cancer awareness has a huge impact on our crew. Even though Love Your Melon is a childhood cancer organization, breast cancer has a huge impact on us as college students. Breast cancer can impact us individually; some of our crew members have friends or family members with breast cancer so we believe it is important to bring awareness to this. Love Your Melon has a huge impact on childhood cancer research, but our crew is always looking for ways to bring awareness to all cancers.”

Christina’s favorite part of being involved in the Love your Melon club is the experiences she has made. She realized how strong and superhero-like these children battling this disease are. Join Love Your Melon today and become one beanie closer to saving a child’s life!