A “Mountastic” experience

by · October 24, 2018

When Alexander Perlak ’20 first arrived at the Mount, he thought he would be pursuing a certification in Education.

After his first semester, however, he realized that being a teacher just wasn’t for him. “The Mount puts their students in the ‘real world’ during their first year to gain experience to make sure this is the right program for them,” he explains, an opportunity he is so grateful for.

He was already a Mathematics major, but after dropping the Education certification, he wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Thankfully, the faculty in the Division of Mathematics and Information Technology knew just how to guide him.

“When I found out I didn’t want to pursue Education any longer,” Alexander explains, “the professors in my major helped me transition to an Actuarial Science concentration.” One of the Mount’s newest academic programs, Actuarial Science employs mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events, particularly those that are insurable, and combines courses from the Mount’s Division of Mathematics and Information Technology and the School of Business to prepare students for this fast-growing field.

Alexander is so grateful for the academic opportunities the Mount has provided for him. “If it wasn’t for coming to the Mount, I wouldn’t have realized a business path was right for me,” he explains.

In fact, in addition to his Mathematics major and Actuarial Science concentration, Alexander is also minoring in Information Technology, Business, and Theatre and Music to get a full range of academic experiences.

Outside of the classroom, he’s also found so many opportunities to grow his horizons at the Mount, from being involved on Student Senate (including Freshman Class President) to taking part in the Student Honors Council, Math Club, Dominican Scholars of Hope, and study abroad. Plus, he shares his enthusiasm for the Mount as a student ambassador and an orientation leader.

It’s safe to say that Alexander loves the Mount – so much so, that he made up a word to describe it: “Mountastic.”

“(Getting involved has) definitely enriched my college experience because it made me make an impact on my campus and also allowed me to fall in love with the Mount even more,” he explains. “I’m so grateful.”

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