Operation S.S.M.

by · October 17, 2018

Cailey Walls, senior at Mount Saint Mary College, just started a new club called Operation Student’s Support Military (Operation S.S.M.). The club, which Cailey founded this year, is all about giving back to the military.

Cailey was inspired to begin the club after years of Student Government Association experience. “Having been on SGA for many years I wanted a challenge,” she explained. “New President Kayla O’Connor gave me the confidence to start and run a new club.”

Figuring out which club to form came as a challenge, but after much research, Cailey figured out what she wanted to do – and who she wanted to serve.

“Approximately 92 students at the Mount have received Veterans Benefits,” she noted, “and approximately 45% of those students are actual veterans. In the three years of attending this school, I noticed that we have had small events on campus but never a club. So when life hands lemons, you make lemonade. And that is how Operation Students Supporting Military came about.”

The purpose of this club is to help those currently enlisted and those that are veterans, both here at the Mount and in the local community. Things the club will partake in is the fundraising for projects like Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House Foundation and Hudson Valley Honor Flight, while also informing about life after war and how to help those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On November 12th, the club will be hosting an event with a motivational speaker. The club is also in the early stages of planning an event to give care packages to enlisted soldiers and their families.

When asked about what the military meant to Cailey, she reflected, “It’s always been a complete honor for me to meet anyone that’s been in the military. They are some of the most well-rounded people you will ever meet, with great character. No matter the reason they enlisted, when it comes down to it they dedicated some of their precious time on earth to serve our great nation. It’s only right that I would dedicate some of my time to help them.”

Join Operation S.S.M. today! For more information about the club, you can email Cailey at…..


Or follow the club Instagram page: msmc_operationSSM


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