Academic Profile: History/Political Science

by · October 9, 2018

For Giselle Martinez (far right, above), majoring in History/Political Science made sense with her career aspirations in law.

After a few years in the program, her major has also allowed her to development other interests.

“I’m interested in pursuing a career in law and I believe politics compliments that field quite well. After taking an elective in political science my freshman year, I became interested in learning more about international laws and how governments operate that I quickly found myself gaining a new passion. I feel that politics shape everything about our city, state, country, and world, and because of that I want to be well informed and educated in this area.”

The study has only continued to pique her interest. A particular research paper she wrote that studied the demographics of voters across the country and their affects on polling was fascinating to work on. “One of my favorite aspects of my major is that I never get bored with the material I learn,” she noted. “Everything is new and I enjoy figuring out how and why things happen. I also like hearing various opinions, to see a broader picture and get other points of view.”

Plus, the dedicated faculty in the Division of Social Sciences go above and beyond to help her succeed, with one helping her to apply and prepare for an internship in Albany: “I appreciate the genuine care and guidance my professors give.”

For those considering studying political science, she certainly recommends the Mount’s program.

“I’d encourage students to study political science at the Mount in order to experience diverse options that offer critical thinking and analytical skills. You can gain a broad range of knowledge and ideas, then apply it to your everyday life or even make a change within your community.”

Best of all, Giselle can see how majoring in History/Political Science will affect her future and the future of others.

“I’m more passionate about social welfare, immigration, and civil rights,” she explained, “in which I’d like to give a voice to those who have silenced. I feel this major would give me the platform needed in order to make a change.”