Seniors’ Last First Semester

by · October 2, 2018

Interview with Christina Nazario ’19 and Tristan Earle ’19

Above: The Class of 2019 at Mount Olympics in 2017

The start of the new school semester brings college seniors a bittersweet mix of emotions as the Class of 2019 begins the countdown to graduation. We sat down with some of the members of the Class of 2019 to learn more about how they’re feeling during this final year at the Mount. Here is an interview with seniors Tristan Earl, a Psychology major, and Christina Nazario, a Business Administration major:

What were some of your favorite classes?

Tristan: “My favorite classes had to have been Bio-Psychology and Experimental Psychology.”

Christina: “I would say I thoroughly enjoyed Consumer Behavior and Marketing Principles the most.”

How do you feel about it being your senior year at the Mount?

Tristan: “It’s interesting because of how real everything is starting to get. There is not a chance to play around because of the workload and its degree of difficulty. I just want this semester to go slow.”

Christina: “Honestly it feels like it was just yesterday that I moved in. Time flies and I want this year to go as slow as possible.”

Why do you love the Mount?

Tristan: “Mount has given me a great education but also friends that will last a lifetime.”

Christina: “Everyone on campus is so friendly it is as if Mounts my home away from home.”