Getting the Most Out of a Mount Experience

by · September 17, 2018

Debbie Francisco (left) helped to coordinate this year’s Orientation for the Class of 2022.

It’s safe to say that for Debbie Francisco ’19, being bored is probably an infrequent experience.

The senior Psychology major is a member of Catholic Relief Services, Get Creative club, Latino Student Union, Wellness Anti-Violence Educators (WAVE), Campus Ministry, and Psi Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology). Plus, she is also a Resident Assistant, the co-director of Beginnings in Psychological Science (BIPS), and an Orientation Coordinator.

“I choose to get involved on campus every year because I noticed the difference this made between freshmen year and sophomore year,” she noted. “After my first year at the Mount, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to participate in club activities. The quality of my student life has improved greatly since then.”

The welcoming atmosphere of campus offices and clubs has stood out to Debbie as a unique quality the Mount possesses. “An example of this is Campus Ministry,” she explained. “People from different backgrounds, political views, and religious beliefs get together in that space and have conversations about important topics or just about the latest superhero movie. I have met some of my best friends there. I think that’s very rare to find nowadays, a place where it is safe to not only express yourself, but to be yourself.”

On the academic front, Debbie values the assistance that both faculty and staff provide for students to succeed. “My favorite thing about studying Psychology at the Mount is my academic advisor, Amanda Maynard. Dr. Maynard has not only guided me when I felt lost, but she has also helped me determine my next step after the Mount.”

That next step was reinforced with some help from the Career Center. The career counselors in the college’s center aided Debbie in obtaining her internship last year with Access Supports for Living.

“I intend to pursue a degree in Counseling because, through the years, I have come to understand the positive impact that such services have in clients’ lives. Through my internship, I got to experience what my future job would be like and I immediately knew I had chosen the correct path and the right school.”

In her spare time, Debbie enjoys doing homework or hanging out with friends on the hill by Guzman Hall. Coming from Puerto Rico, she enjoys the opportunity to feel one with nature like she experiences at home, even on a college campus. “It also doesn’t hurt that the view of the Hudson River is absolutely breathtaking at sunset!”

With one year to go in her Mount journey, Debbie is glad she has taken advantage of so many of the opportunities the college offers. “Great opportunities have come from my involvement, especially the experience I acquired and skills I developed,” she said. “I truly enjoy my college experience.”

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