Double Majoring at the Mount

by · September 12, 2018

Cameron Pagan (standing, second from right), a Mathematics and IT major at the Mount, was part of the inaugural Student Competition Using Differential Equation Modeling (SCUDEM), held at the Mount in 2017.

When Cameron Pagan, now a junior at the college, initially thought about college, there was no doubt he wanted to be an Information Technology major.

When he found out that the Information Technology program at the Mount was part of the Division of Mathematics and Information Technology, he decided to major in both Math and IT, so he would have more options.

“Right away, I saw the benefit of having both,” Cameron explains. While majoring in two subjects will not only make him a more marketable job candidate in the future, having a background in both subject areas is also useful for his current college classes, as the two subjects are very interconnected.

What surprised Cameron the most about his math courses is how far reaching the subject is. “You can study candy and math or baseball and math. Math can be used for anything.”

He’s also come to enjoy the group projects that often take place in the courses, which he notes help develop communication skills.

Still, he hasn’t abandoned his first passion for IT. His favorite hands-on project thus far was from the Computer Management class, where he had the opportunity to deconstruct a computer and create a video of how to put it back together. “It’s really beneficial to be able to go into the workplace and know every part of a computer and how it works.”

His advice for success for those considering a double major? Make sure you can manage your time wisely and have really good study skills. But ultimately, go for it. “You are more marketable,” he notes, “and you really get to know the professors and other students.”

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