A career of care – Nursing at the Mount

by · August 28, 2018

Deirdre Lydon ’20 (left) is interviewed by a local television station seeking college students’ opinions on current events.

For Deirdre Lydon ’20, she knew right away that a career in nursing was the perfect fit for her.

“I knew I wanted a career with direct one-on-one contact with people and to provide care for others,” she reflects. “I want to know the patients and their families. It’s the whole umbrella of helping people.”

Now a junior Nursing major, Deirdre is happy with her choice to attend the Mount for her Nursing education.

Her favorite aspect of the Nursing program is the opportunity to do clinical work at area hospitals beginning in sophomore year. “It’s a type of learning you won’t see as much” in other programs, she noted. “Being able to learn hands on is one of the most amazing ways to learn. Everything comes together from other classes and works full circle.”

Being able to be in the hospital setting also helps solidify her desire to become a nurse. “Clinicals make me feel like an actual nurse and help me see myself there. It helps me to picture myself doing this and it reinforces that I do know what I’m doing.”

Overall, her experience at the Mount has been just as satisfying. “I would describe the Mount as uplifting,” she said. “The Mount has helped me reach a sense of joy and happiness.”

Want to know more about the Mount’s stellar Nursing program? Visit the program page on the web!

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