Psyched about Psychology

by · August 21, 2018

When Jacqueline Hogan, a senior Psychology major, first began at the Mount in 2015, she began as a Biology major on the Pre-Physical Therapy track. However, after completing a shadow experience in physical therapy, she realized that her true calling was occupational therapy and switched to Psychology instead.

While she enjoyed being part of the Division of Natural Sciences, especially the close relationships with faculty, Jacqueline’s experience with the Division of Social Sciences has been just as positive.

“I┬ábelieve the academic division supports the students greatly,” she said. “I have never felt uncomfortable to ask a question in class if I was confused or wanted more detail. I feel as if they want all their students to succeed in life. My professors have always welcomed us to office hours, and I am very happy with the professors at the Mount.”

It is the dedication of the Psychology professors that has affected Jacqueline the most in her academic experience thus far at the Mount. “The professors care if you pass their class or not,” she notes. “To this day, I still talk and say hello to my previous professors not just because it is respectful; it is due to the fact that throughout their class a friendly professor-student bond was built.”

She encourages other students interested in studying Psychology or other social sciences to look forward to similar experiences. “I would encourage them to study in my major if they want to have a welcoming classroom environment, enjoy working hard for the grades they receive, and want to learn more about why and how people act and think as they do.”

Want to learn more about the Mount’s tight-knit Psychology program and the Division of Social Sciences? Watch this video to get a feel for what it’s like to study social sciences at the Mount!