Meet the Mount: Isabelle Frank ’20

by · August 15, 2018

In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is

Isabelle Frank ’20 (top row, far right)

Class Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations

Campus activities/jobs: Student Government Association, Resident Living Council, Resident Assistant, Admissions Ambassador

Favorite spot on campus: Benches on the Dominican Center hill looking out over campus

One word to describe the Mount: Opportunistic

Isabelle Frank ’20 has been part of the Mount community since a young age – as a child, she attended Bishop Dunn Memorial School, the on-campus K-8 school at the Mount.

“I grew up doing science labs in Aquinas,” she explains. “My 8th grade dance was in Hudson Hall. I performed in school plays on the Aquinas stage.”

Having that bond to the school so early on is special, and a bit strange, she admits. While all of her college friends are experiencing the school for the first time, she already has so many memories made on this campus.

Now, she’s making new memories and enjoying her training in public relations. PR is a field she’s known she wanted to enter since high school, when people from all different careers were brought in for students to learn from, and she automatically fell in love with the idea of public relations.

“It’s the most creative business opportunity,” she explained. “It involves so many things – marketing, event planning, advertising. You have to think on your feet and be creative, and of course be ready for weekends and long hours.”

Her favorite course thus far has been Management Communications, where she was challenged to create a business or product, write a short business plan for it, and then market it to venture capitalists in a presentation format.

“It gave me an inkling of what’s going to happen after college,” she notes.

Isabelle’s on-campus involvement has only strengthened her desire to enter this field. As the president of the Resident Living Council, she was in charge of coordinating the colleges Late Knight events throughout the semester. “It made me realize I was good at event planning and that’s where I wanted to go.”

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