My First Year – Academic Success

by · August 10, 2018

The Mount is very supportive when it comes to academic success – One Mount freshman shares her first-year experience with gaining academic skills!

“One of the first things I learned about the Mount was that they had a tutoring program that was free and open all semester round. Personally, I’ve never used this tutoring program. However, I’ve had multiple friends who reported using it and said that it helped them greatly. This is just one way Mount Saint Mary College can help you improve academically.

One piece of advice I would give would be to read and reread the textbook. This can give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in class, as well as getting you ahead for the next class meeting. In addition to reading the textbook, ask your teachers if you have any questions. The teachers are there to help you and even push you a little sometimes. They genuinely care about your academic life and will help in any way that they can to make it successful. If you don’t ask the question that you have in your head, you might not understand the lesson and fall behind, so definitely ask! Another thing I would recommend is to take an 8 AM class. This will get you up and moving instead of sleeping in and possibly creating a bad habit. If you’re like me and you need to schedule in your life, an 8 AM class is perfect. It makes you think early in the morning, but the professors are also really understanding that it’s early. They try not to make the lessons too hard to follow and understand if you’re late sometimes.

Also, take notes. Even if the class gives you a handout with all the notes on it, take more notes in your own words. This will help you understand the lesson more and also keep you attentive. Never wait till the last minute for any assignments, and also never wait till the last minute to print something; you never know if technology is going to be on your side.

If you’re unsure about what’s going on in the class and you’re not comfortable going up to the teacher just yet, always talk to other peers to see if they can answer any questions you have. A highlighter will be your best friend throughout your four years of college. If you can, highlight in the textbook everything that you don’t understand. If you’re renting a textbook, then sticky notes also work.

All of these things helped me transition from the high school classroom to college level classes. Some of your teachers will give you study tips, ways that you can excel in their class, and overall life tips that will help you succeed. Every class is different, so you have to talk to the teacher. Again, they are there to help you understand any directions that were not clear to you.”

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