Q & A with a Mount Business student

by · August 4, 2018

Emily is also a member of the Knights Softball team.

What is it like to study Business at the Mount? Junior Emily Lang, (right) a Business Management and Administration major with a concentration in Marketing, gives us the inside scoop.

Knight Life: What drew you to study Business?

Emily: I grew up in a business-oriented household. Both of my parents run their own insurance agencies so I believe business just comes natural to me. It is a subject that I have learned about early on in my life, and I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in it.

KL: What is one of your favorite aspects of being a Business major at the Mount?

Emily: One of my favorite aspects of the Business Management major at the Mount is its variety. Business is a wide field and studying business here gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in every general direction to find the field and the career that will best fit me.

KL: How do you feel the School of Business supports its students?

Emily: I believe that the academic division is very supportive of its students. Overall, I find that the faculty is very helpful and only wants the best for their students

KL: What is one academic experience that has stuck out to you so far during your time at the Mount?

Emily: One academic experience that has stuck with me so far in my past two years was taking Business Law I and II in my fall and spring semester of sophomore year. It was a class I found very beneficial and applicable when I take on my business career after I graduate.

KL: Why would you encourage someone to study in your major at the Mount?

Emily: I would encourage all students to study Business Management at the Mount because overall I believe that most students would discover their potential and success in their first semester like I did. Also, I would like to believe that many would find it interesting, as there are many aspects to the study of business.