Undeclared: Finding a major at the Mount

by · May 21, 2018

It’s the age-old question – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

The reality is that many high school seniors don’t know what they want to major in – and that’s okay. That’s why, here at the Mount, we have a specially-designed program that doesn’t force students to find a major on their own, but rather provides the professional staff and college-wide support needed to help make that decision.

We wanted to know how undeclared students at the Mount ended up deciding on a major, so we asked a few current students and alumni to tell us about their undeclared journey.

Victoria Laiso ’19, Human Services major with a minor in Criminology– “I came into the Mount undeclared and my academic coach, Megan Morrissey, and a few other academic advisors helped me find my place here at Mount and the career I want to pursue once graduating with my degree. Meg helped me schedule classes that she thought fit best for me and listened to my interests so she could guide me in the best direction possible. We are also very close and she knows me well enough to understand what I am intrigued by and gave me different classes to understand what field of work would work best for me to better my future. 

I picked Human Services for my major for the simple fact that I am definitely a people person. I am also great at listening and a problem solver. I love to help others and knew if I chose this field of work, I could enjoy my career and help others. The field also allows me to have a lot of flexibility with what I would want to pursue, such as becoming a therapist, social worker, counselor, and so many more wonderful careers into which I can branch out.”

Kayla O’Connor ’19, Public Relations major– “I chose Communications as my major because I worked in the Student Activities office as a work study during my freshman year and was able to be a part of each school event, which made me fall in love with event planning. Public Relations allows my passion for creativity to soar.”

Laura Lomolino ’15, Business major– “The Office of Student Success aided me with my direction, suggesting business. I was welcomed with open arms into the School of Business. The faculty is not only caring, but they want to see you succeed and will work hard to make that happen.”

Madison Beckman ’17, Journalism major – “I originally came to the Mount undeclared. I was already familiar with the school, but when I came to visit for Accepted Student Day, I just knew that this was the place for me. Once I got here, I tried out a bunch of different classes to figure out what I wanted my major to be, and all the professors were really helpful.”

Cailey Walls ’19, Business major with a minor in Psychology– “I took a trip with the Career Center my sophomore year to tour Bloomberg and Indeed in NYC. This opportunity with the Career Center allowed me to see myself in the Business setting.

It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world one day. When I decided that I could possibly be interested in both the Business Career and the Education field, I took different classes in each. Hearing my Business professors talk about their travels through business got me even more interested in this particular career path and ultimately led to my degree decision. With a degree in Business I had more flexibility in what area of Business I wanted to pursue. I also had more flexibility in where I wanted to live. I think I will at some point settle back here, but I want to have new experiences elsewhere first. I think a Business degree will allow me to do just that.”

Shannon Cieciuch ’17, Public Relations majorWhen I came in for summer orientation before my freshman year, I talked to some of the academic advisors, because I was undeclared; I had no idea what path I wanted to go down. They pointed me to the head of the Communications department, who helped me figure out the best way for me to go, and he set me up with Public Relations.  I’ve loved it ever since.”

Are you thinking about joining the Mount as an undeclared student? Read more about the program here!

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