My First Year – Commuting Part II

by · May 14, 2018

The Commuter Lounge in Aquinas Hall is a great place to hang out in between classes.

Hi everyone! My name is Christiana Kerrs. You can view my first blog post on commuting here.

As you all know, this year is coming to a close. Since I am a commuter, making friends hasn’t always been easy. At times, I have even felt lonely. During my first semester, I made a small group of friends from a few of my classes. However, we only started to become close and talk more towards the end of the semester. We didn’t keep in close contact over winter break and two of them transferred. That was very sad, but it was okay because I was determined to make more friends this semester.

I got to my first class of the spring semester, and one of these friends ended up being in two of my classes. This made me very happy to have a friend and helped to not feel so alone. Throughout the spring semester, I also made a bunch of friends in my Education classes. They are a great group of people, and we all bond a lot over our academics. It has also been easier to become friends with people this semester because I have multiple classes with some of the same people.

Another thing that has made it easier to make friends is our time spent off campus together. Doing fieldwork together and going to the Newburgh Armory to volunteer has given us all many opportunities to get to know each other and become friends. We all see each other as a support system when it comes to schoolwork and always have each other’s backs if one of us missed a class.

It is now the end of my second semester, and I can happily say that I have made some truly amazing friends that I intend on keeping for a long time. If I could give any advice for any future incoming commuter students, it would be to put yourself out there and don’t be shy. There are a lot of people in the same position as you who also feel the same way. The Mount is a very friendly place, and everyone here is open to making new friends.

Did you know that the Mount also has a Commuter Council club, which organizes activities and gatherings just for commuter students? Learn more about the Commuter Council and other clubs here.