A Letter to the Class of 2018 – Part II

by · May 7, 2018

Congratulations class of 2018!!!

The day that you have been counting down to, dreading, and patiently waiting for is right around the corner. The long nights of studying, chatting, and raiding The View have ended, but that does not mean it is over. The uneasiness of the future might be creeping up, but don’t sound the Sakac fire alarms yet.

As a recent Mount alumna, I remember feeling like “Now what..?” the day after graduation. I soon found my way, working part-time jobs and enrolling full-time in graduate school.

A chapter in your life has closed, but a new one has opened. This chapter is empty and waiting for you to pencil it in. Like any book, no two are the same. I found myself comp
aring my path to those who began full-time jobs right away, like my roommate who landed a nursing job. I remember asking, “Should I have gotten a job instead of continuing my education? Or vice versa?” No matter what your degree is, a pathway will be paved for your success, whether that is continued education or a full-time job. Either way, you will have to continue your massive intake of coffee to keep up with the real world!

It is with confidence that I say that your first complaint about being in the real world is that you will miss the Mount. Although you will experience withdrawals of “the Burgh” and seeing Joe the security guard, your future is bright because of your past. The Mount has shaped you into the students and employees you are and will be, giving you the tools for success.

Enjoy your graduation day and your future endeavors. See you at Alumni Weekend!

Daria Sullivan, Class of 2017