My First Year – Appreciate Your Professors

by · April 12, 2018

Hi, my name is Nicole Pelton. I am a commuter at Mount Saint Mary College and am entering my sophomore year. My major is Nursing, and I am particularly passionate about ICU nursing. I love the Mount and am very grateful to be earning my degree at such a wonderful college!

One of my favorite aspects of Mount Saint Mary is the fact that all of the professors here are so wonderful. This brings me to my advice for first-year students: College is a challenging time and it can become easy for students to become discouraged and to place blame on their classes or professors. However, it is important to respect your professors and realize that they are there for you and want you to succeed

As college students, we all come across classes that are more challenging than others. During these times, itis important to remember that this simply means we may need to put more time and energy into those classes. It does not mean that the professor is being unreasonable. College is a growth period, and we can only grow when we are pushed out of our comfort zones! Learning to take responsibility for our grades and assignments may be a hard thing at first, but it is an important life skill. It is harmful when we do not take responsibility. It causes us to lose motivation to improve, since we are putting the blame on something or someone else. Remember that you can succeed even in the most challenging classes! Talking to your professors and reaching out to them for help is one of the best ways to succeed in a class.

Another important thing to realize is that somebody else’s experience does not have to be yours. No doubt you will come into contact with a story that gives you a negative image of a professor or class. However, stories like these are often misleading and create false impressions. Throughout the college courses that I have taken in my high school years and during my time at Mount Saint Mary College, I have never met a professor that I have not loved. Although I have heard misleading stories, I have always found that they gave off completely wrong impressions. I do not believe that there are many “bad” professors out there, and if there are, they are certainly not at the Mount! I have found the teachers at Mount Saint Mary College to be the most outstanding and caring professors that there are! They are always willing to reach out to you and help you with whatever you need. They know you by name and truly want you to succeed! Challenging classes and misunderstandings about assignments are often the source of these wrong impressions. Just remember that whenever courses or projects seems challenging, the professors are assigning it because they want us to do well in future classes, and also in our careers when we finish college!

It is also important to realize and appreciate the time and energy professors put into teaching. A lot of work goes into preparing lectures and grading assignments. Often, professors have more than one class going. However, I have noticed that the Mount professors still always come in with a smile and will take the time to offer extra help or answer any questions. We can show respect and appreciation for all our professors do for us by coming in on time, putting effort into our assignments, and paying attention during lectures. In the end, this shows gratitude for the professors and also helps you to succeed in the course. I personally feel that it is important to say “thank you” to our professors at the end of the semester. Teachers devote their entire careers to helping us achieve ours, and a gesture of appreciation will go a long way!

These tips will help you develop strong relationships with your professors, and also cause you to do better in your classes. The professors at the Mount truly are awesome, and I do not think there could ever exist teachers more caring, knowledgeable, and personal than they are! I am so grateful that I chose to go to Mount Saint Mary College, and am grateful for the incredible staff and faculty working here. Choosing to go the Mount was one of the best decisions that I ever made!