Class of 2018 nursing reflection

by · April 10, 2018

Mount Saint Mary College’s spring Nursing Class of 2018

As members of the Mount Saint Mary College’s Class of 2018 prepare to walk across the stage at graduation in just a few weeks, there’s one thing Colin Cassidy doesn’t have to worry about – finding a job.

That’s because the senior Nursing major has already landed a position as an emergency room nurse at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut.

Here’s what Colin had to say about finding this job, the Nursing major, and his Mount experience as a whole:

“I have really enjoyed my past four years here at the Mount. The School of Nursing has really gone above and beyond to make my experience and education the best it can be. Between the exceptional staff and the diverse range of clinical experiences, the Mount has given me every opportunity to learn and grow into the type of nurse I want to be.

My clinical experiences here are what I think have impacted me the most while at the Mount. First off, my clinical experience started early on during my second semester of sophomore year. But they didn’t just throw us to the wolves onto the surgical or critical care floor – they sent us into nursing homes where our foundation of nursing skills were used and enhanced. After my sophomore year, the diversity that I have experienced in my clinical settings has been endless. I have gone from working in an inner-city environment at Saint Luke’s Cornwall Hospital to working in a more rural environment at Orange Regional Medical Center, and even at a school nurse’s office during my community health class. The hands-on experiences I had in my clinicals drove home the classroom learning, and I found myself putting together all the pieces that I had learned and applying them to my patients.

As a senior, I have now been offered and accepted a position as an emergency room nurse at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut for after graduation. Hartford is a level one trauma facility with 111 beds just in their emergency department. The emergency room is where I have wanted to work and start my nursing career, so I am extremely excited and ready for this next step in my life and ready to learn and grow off of the base of knowledge the Mount has given me.

To find this position, I relied on the Center for Career and Experiential Education at the Mount for guidance. They really helped with developing a resume and worked through the process of learning interview strategies and things I should be looking for in a job. For my interview, I had a two-hour shadow in the emergency room where I was paired with a nurse, and then I had an interview with the nurse manager and clinical educator. I had prepared by doing some research on Hartford and also had a list of questions ready to ask them.

It feels amazing to have a job in hand before even graduating. Having this position is such a relief for me and allows me now to focus on graduation and passing my final nursing exams. I know that I wouldn’t be in the place that I am without the help and support the whole community of Mount Saint Mary College has given me over my past four years. All in all, I wouldn’t change my experience here at the Mount one bit, and I know that I am fully prepared and able to go out into the nursing workforce feeling confident in my abilities and knowledge.”

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