A Letter to the Class of 2022

by · April 5, 2018

Ashley Lane, Mount Saint Mary College Student Government Association president, speaks at the 2017 Gala Reception to donors and friends of the Mount.


My name is Ashley Lane, and I am a senior here at the Mount. First let me start by welcoming you into the Mount Saint Mary College family. You are about to embark on an exciting journey here, filled with lasting friendships, good memories, and a fantastic education.

When I first came to the Mount, I was nervous, like many other incoming freshmen. I found myself questioning my decision to leave home and wondering whether I had chosen the right school. I quickly learned, however, that this was unlike any other college I had visited. The professors were there to help, the administration cared about any problems you were having, and the staff was always friendly and smiling.

As my time here progressed I began to get more and more involved: Joining clubs, going to events like Bonfire and Spring Weekend (two huge occasions you definitely don’t want to miss), and making friends I would have never thought possible.

This is me lighting the bonfire to kick off the 2017 Bonfire, which concludes Spirit Week each year.

The transition from high school to college work definitely presents challenges. Reading your textbook is no longer suggested, but required, to do well; assignments build up if you let them linger; and “my dog ate my homework” isn’t a good excuse anymore.  That being said, being a senior I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that doing your work is extremely important. It’s preparing you for your future, and success does not come without a little grind.

My last piece of advice for you lucky, soon-to-be-freshmen is to make sure you get involved. College is what you make of it, no matter which one you attend, and getting involved makes a world of a difference. Join a club, create a new club, make your way on to Student Government; the possibilities are endless for your next four years, so long as you make use of each opportunity this campus provides.

I wish you all the best of luck over the next four years. Make the most of it!

Warmest Wishes,

Ashley Lane

SGA President
Admissions Ambassador
Leadership Scholar

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