My First Year – Avoiding Procrastination

by · March 15, 2018

This week, sophomore Psychology major Jennefer Ferdous continues her advice for freshmen with tips on avoiding procrastination.

As your classes in college get harder and more advanced, getting an A in every subject also gets harder, and procrastinating certainly doesn’t help.

Procrastination was a bad habit of mine that messed with my academic performance ever since high school. When I had a lot of homework, I always waited until the last minute to do it. Waiting until the last minute, however, did not give me enough time to edit and show my best performance, making some of my assignments look sloppy.

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons for poor academic skills! The best way to fight off procrastination, however, is to stay motivated. Here are some tips I have for staying motivated while studying:

  • Try to make it enjoyable! You probably won’t procrastinate on something you genuinely enjoy doing. One good way to enjoy studying is to give yourself rewards. When I read textbooks for class, I give myself a small piece of candy as a reward after finishing each chapter to avoid procrastination. After a while, I read my chapters just for the rewards.
  • Studying often but for a short period of time will help avoid procrastination as well. I typically study for 30 minutes with a 5 minute break and then repeat the cycle for a few hours. This technique makes studying a lot more relaxing too.
  • When you’re studying, don’t forget about your comfort! If you are already comfortable while you’re studying, you won’t want to procrastinate as much. Put on comfortable clothes like sweatpants and a warm sweater. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you will procrastinate even more. No one wants to be uncomfortable!
  • Finding a group of study partners also helps. When you have a group of friends who study at 8 pm every night, you will be more likely to study with them since they are your study partners.
  • Change your attitude towards your assignments so you feel the need to do them every day. Don’t look at homework as punishment; your professors give it to you for a reason. Doing your homework religiously will boost your test scores tremendously, so try to enjoy your assignments instead of being bored by them! These homework questions strengthen your critical thinking skills and prepare you for tests. No matter what your opinion about homework is, you will still get it, so try to have a positive attitude about it! When you understand the importance of these assignments, it will be impossible to procrastinate on them.

When you discipline yourself the right way and follow these tips, you can stop procrastinating and prepare to face the real world. Good luck!

For more study tips and guidance, visit your academic coach in the Office of Student Success!