Eagle Watch – March 14, 2018

by · March 14, 2018

Good morning on Pi day everyone,

We have some good news this morning: we have a female Bald Eagle now incubating *something* in the nest! I thought I could see the female on the nest on Sunday night around 10:30pm, but couldn’t quit be certain of my observation. Having looked yesterday and not discerned the female sitting low in the nest yesterday, I was dubious of my observation on Sunday. But today? Yep! She is on the nest and from her behaviors in the nest this morning (https://photos.app.goo.gl/FRNuw1WaicgbxZa02 ), she is clearly sitting atop something in the nest; look at the video at 45s and see she stands and waddles in the nest, movements that indicate she’s adjusting egg/s in the nest. Without climbing to the nest, we can’t be certain how many eggs she might be on, but in about 35ish days, we’ll know.

Below is a picture of the male (on the right) visiting the female while she sits low in the nest (sorry about the quality; it’s windy out there!).

How fortunate are we?!


Doug Robinson


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