Eagle Watch – March 6, 2018

by · March 6, 2018


Good morning all, On the eve of another major snow storm, our resident pair of Bald Eagles continues to add to their nest. Since the first sighting of the eagles on campus around 25 January 2018, the eagles have added sticks to broaden the nest by 18” on each side and increased the depth of the nest by double! Over the last two weeks, nest lining material, including grass and pine needles have been brought to the nest, indicating that the eagles seem pretty serious about having a go at raising some young this season.

Attendance at the nest has increased over the last 10 days and the eagles are typically in the vicinity of the nest throughout the day. We’re waiting now to have the female sit in the nest for long periods of time; only then will we really know the pair have eggs in the nest. Once the incubation of the eggs begins, the female will be sitting low in the nest for the majority of each hour of the day (24 hrs a day!). We can’t see into the nest, so we’re banking on reading the behavior of the female to know when we’ve got eggs! Stay tuned!

For now, here are some pictures of our pair from this morning following the arrival of one with another stick for the nest. Enjoy!


Doug Robinson

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