Club Profile: Catholic Relief Services

by · March 5, 2018

Today, Christina Mistretta ’19 (far left), the president of Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors on campus, tells us a little bit about this organization on campus:

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Student Ambassadors is a service organization that serves to benefit those in need on local, national, and international levels. CRS Student Ambassadors have direct impacts on the impoverished through projects such as: Midnight Runs, food/clothing drive set-ups, food delivery programs, and community clean-ups. Advocacy programs are also a part of the program focusing on human trafficking and migration. You can read more aboutĀ recent CRS activities here and here.

This semester, we will have our Turn on the Light event that brings awareness to human trafficking and a migration simulation that gives students a hands-on experience to encounter how difficult it is to migrate to the United States. CRS Student Ambassadors also raises money for the impoverished internationally through an Ethical Trade holiday sale in the fall semester and the Rice Bowl collection in the spring.

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Above: CRS Student Ambassadors enjoyed anĀ evening with Sr. Virginia from the Presentation Sisters and Fr. Gregoire Fluet, chaplain and director of Campus Ministry at the Mount.

Below: CRS Student Ambassadors participate in “Service at Sunrise” at St. Mary’s Church in Newburgh.