Day in the Life of a Mount Student

by · February 28, 2018

Did you ever want to know what it was really like to be a Mount student? Now’s your chance! We followed Jake Kosack, a senior Business major with a concentration in Sports Management and the senior class president (as well as a resident assistant!), around to spend a day in the life of a Mount student.

Monday schedule:

Photo and illustrations by Colin Seifrit of MSMC Residence Life

8:45 am – Wake up and get ready for class

9:05 am – Attend my first class of the day – Management Communication

10:10 am – Walk to the Kaplan Center to practice my skills in Public Speaking with Dr. Langstedt

11:15 am – Discuss plays and our upcoming project in Intro to Theater with Professor Phillips

12:15 pm – Grab lunch with friends in the View before work

1:00 pm – Spend the next 2.5 hours doing office hours in the Student Activities office – helping with office work and planning upcoming events

3:30 pm – Up to Guzman Hall for my Theology of Film class, where we watch a movie together and pick out religious elements with Dr. Miller

5:00 pm – Time for the gym!

7:00 pm – Dinner with friends in the View

8:30 pm – Meet up quick with the other senior class officers to discuss our plans for the semester

9:00 pm – Senate meeting with other members of the Student Government Association in Hudson Hall to talk about our annual events for the year

11:00 pm – Back in my dorm for homework and sleep!

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