Why intern?

by · February 22, 2018

As a Mount student, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of interning before, but today, we’re going to let our #SuperInterns tell you in their own words why doing an internship was the best part of their college experience.

More than classes

“I worked as a clinical assistant at Montefiore Medical Center assisting patients with basic care needs and helping my preceptor with anything she needed. I learned that I can handle a lot more than I originally thought, and that nursing is more than just knowing medications and diseases, but also being there for people emotionally. Having this experience also taught me that teamwork and communication are everything in life. If you are thinking about interning, DO IT! It was the greatest opportunity of my life! You get to experience what your future career will be like and learn so much more than what classes and college can teach you! You will find so much more confidence about graduating and beginning your future career. Would I intern again? 100x yes!!!!!!” – Aideen Ginty ’18, Nursing major

Find your place

“I interned at NYU Langone Medical Center as a student nurse extern. I was paired with nurse preceptors in care of patients on the Cardiothoracic Survey Unit and assisted them with assessment and management of pre- and postsurigical patients. I also participated in nursing interventions including cauterization, management of chest tubes, NG tubes, PEG tubes, wound, and ostomy care.

One question I hoped to answer this summer was where is MY nursing home? I have learned that the cardiothoracic surgery unit is where I belong and have gained more confidence during the experience. Once timid to ask the follow up questions, I have now found my voice. I trust my instincts, and I am ready to be challenged. This experience gave me a real appreciation for what medicine is like at a major teaching hospital, a flavor of what training would be like after nursing school, and an inside look at taking care of cardiothoracic patients and what a rewarding experience it can be. The training and exposure of the externship was helpful in ways I can’t even quantify. I met great nurses who were supportive and extremely excited to teach me about procedures, disease processes and medications I was unfamiliar with. What I found most helpful about this program was it allowed me to experience what it is like to be a nurse. It allowed me the repetition I needed to master and grow more confident in my skills. I feel significantly more confident dealing with patients and different situations, and I owe it completely to the externship.” – Heather Sutcliffe ’18, Nursing major

Life skills

“I was the intern for Nassau County DSS CPS, which included taking notes on cases, getting referrals, doing case histories, and calling doctors and sources. I learned that anyone can take the CPS test even if you didn’t major in Social Work or Human Services, and also gained general life skills like the importance of owning a house and paying bills and loans. If you are thinking about interning, 100% do it. It is so worth it!” – Caitlyn Shult ’18, Human Services major

Again in a heartbeat

“I spent the summer as a student nurse extern for South Nassau Communities Hospital on Long Island, which allowed me to shadow the RNs and do everything they’d let me! I learned that I am very good at dealing with uncomfortable situations, but that I do need to learn time management more. The experience was a lot different than clinical, and I realized that good communication skills are important no matter who you talk to. I would do this again in a heartbeat, and if you’re interested in externships, absolutely do it. It’s how you learn so much about what it takes to be an RN.” – Allison Jones ’18, Nursing major

Great experience

“I interned with Boyce Excavating in Accounts Payable. Through the internship, I received a good insight on how a business functions, and how important organization is. I learned that my field is fast paced, and you must stay on top of all of your duties. The internship also helped me develop my people and phone skills. If you are thinking about interning, just go for it and you will end up with a great experience.” – Dan Meredith ’19, Accounting major

Knowledge comes to life

“As a student nurse intern at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, I follow a nurse’s weekly schedule. The internship allows me to see how a nurse’s shift runs from start to finish. Alongside the RN, I am able to administer medications by all routes, complete shift assessments on patients, place foley catheters, remove IVs, etc. I learned that you need to have a sense of humor to survive in the medical field, and I would definitely intern again in a heartbeat. Internships are a great opportunity to see into the world of your chosen profession. Textbooks and classroom teaching give us a great knowledge base, but internships allow that knowledge to come to life.” – Gina Zinzi’ 18, Nursing major

Successful teamwork

“I was a communications intern for YWCA of the City of New York. During my internships, I updated their social media and worked one on one with my boss to come up with ideas on how to better promote the YWCA. I also worked on a project on my own to come up with ideas on how to help the launching of the YWCA’s new campaign, in which my ideas were brought to the CEO and are now in use. I learned that I am an extremely fast worker; once I start something I won’t stop until it is finished. I also learned that the way a company promotes itself is extremely important for its image as well as social media, because it is the main way of getting information out about a company. Companies and organizations are only greatly successful with teamwork from your coworkers. It’s important that everyone respects each other’s opinions and they work together for the sake of the company/organization.” – Amanda Boecki ’17, Public Relations major

More confidence

“As a nurse extern for Huntington Hospital on Long Island, I had a number of responsibilities: patience care, assisting patients with walking and eating when needed, taking vitals, hygiene needs, and comfort measures. Through this experience, I learned that I have the qualities necessary to work in patient care. Over all, I am more confident walking into a patient’s room and can be prepared for any type of situation. It is a lot of work, but extremely rewarding. A small gesture can make a big difference in a patient’s hospital stay. I learned not to be hesitant to ask for help if I need it. I’ve seen firsthand how much more smoothly a task can be completed with cooperation from coworkers. The interning experience is amazing. You see so many things about your major and you meet people who will help you learn and grow as a person.” – Elizabeth Kenney ’19, Nursing major

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