My First Year – Building Your Support System

by · February 19, 2018

This week, sophomore Psychology major Jennefer Ferdous continues her advice for freshmen with how to find and create your own support system at college.

Without a support system, pursuing your dreams can be hard. For example, sometimes college students have career goals that aren’t supported by their family or friends, due to the uncertainty of success in their chosen career path. While that is a valid reason for concern, many people choose their career path for the satisfaction they receive from it rather than the financial benefits. Even if your chosen career doesn’t guarantee millions of dollars, it’s still worth chasing after if it makes you happy!

No matter what the situation is, you have to first know that the only person who will ever need to believe in you is you. If you know that following this dream is your purpose in life, you can always figure out a way to pursue it. Believing in yourself is always the first step, no matter what you’re going through. Tell yourself that you’ve got this! Feeling overwhelmed just means you have to keep calm and work twice as hard to overcome your obstacles, but your hard work will never go unnoticed.

One of the great things about the Mount is its career services in the Center for Career and Experiential Education (CCEE). If you don’t have a support system already, reach out to CCEE! Many students go CCEE to find jobs, internships, tips for success, and more. The center is also a great way to get financial support through a part-time job if you are struggling with money.

Many students who are majoring in the same subject as you often also struggle with the same difficulties. Talking to your classmates and friends will help to build that support system as well. Students at the Mount are often very supportive and understanding of others’ dreams! If you feel alone, reach out to your friends and talk to them. Mount Saint Mary College has a wonderful team of supportive people, so take advantage of it!

At the end of the day, all you really need to live your dreams is yourself. With the help of a supportive staff and friends, you won’t have too many problems with pursuing your dreams at the Mount.