The Mount Reflects: The Division of Arts and Letters

by · January 14, 2018

This week at the Mount, we are celebrating the Division of Arts and Letters, which houses English, Communications, Media Studies, Hispanic Studies, and more. We’ve talked about how the division has a strong family feeling, but what do current students and recent alumni think of the Division? Let’s ask them!

“I love that I have the freedom to be creative and exposure to a variety of texts and ideas. The professors are eager to let you create and express yourself while at the same time not overwhelming you with tedious work.” – Matthew Anastasi, English major seeking certification in Adolescence Education, Class of 2018

“I think one of the most enjoyable parts was how encouraging everyone in Arts and Letters is. They are always willing to give you a chance to express yourself creatively, and they are always willing to help you when you need it.” – Madison Beckman, Journalism major, Class of 2017

“I absolutely love the field of communications because it is so dynamic and the faculty here are fantastic; you can tell they each want you to succeed! I have taken away something from each class that I can utilize in the ‘real world.’” – Shannon Cieciuch, double major Public Relations and Media Studies–Journalism, Class of 2017

“Working in the Student Activities Office helped me make a decision on majoring in Public Relations to be an event planner. I not only learn about Public Relations in the classroom, but I can also experience my major through the internships the Mount has to offer.” – Kayla O’Connor, Public Relations, Class of 2019

“The Mount is connected to life beyond its borders in more ways than you think. Sitting in your dorm room binging shows on Netflix while you watch the rest of the world carry on outside your window is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s what I did during my freshman year. But I’ve gotten to where I am now because of what I did in between episodes.” – Mike Reistetter, Media Studies – Journalism, Class of 2017

“I feel at home in the English program at the Mount. Some courses are challenging, but they are equally rewarding. The English program allows the deep reader and the passionate writer in all of us to spring forth. Through the teachings of the professors in the English department, those beautiful minds inside can be awakened. If you want to be remembered in this world, to have your words immortalized in ink or stone, it all starts here in the English department.” – Tanner Tait, English and Journalism double major, Class of 2018

“My favorite aspect of Hispanic Studies is its prevalence in our culture.

The Spanish language and culture are very popular in America, and I like that I can encounter it frequently, even when it comes to music. I think it is great that Spanish can appear so often, even when it involves something as simple, yet enjoyable, as music.” – Caleb Oliver, Hispanic Studies major, Class of 2018

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