The Mount Reflects – Study Tips from the Honors Program

by · December 4, 2017

Here at the Mount, finals are right around the corner. To get ready, students from the Honors Program put together this list of helpful and unique study tips that they’ve learned over the years, to put you on the path towards a successful end of the semester!

Time Management

Annalise Hansen – sophomore History and English major: “Don’t wait until the night before the test to study. Break the information down and go over it piece by piece. Study for short bursts at a time, then take a break and start again. Try practicing answering questions or outline possible essay questions beforehand.”

Nicole Cavallo – senior Biology and Chemistry major on the Physician Assistant prep track: “Don’t procrastinate!”

Brianna De Lizzio – sophomore Nursing major: “Start early, way before you think you need to. Even if your friends aren’t studying yet, it is okay. You will be more prepared. If you make a study guide for each exam as the semester is going on, you can compile all of your study guides at the end to study for your final, and you don’t need to spend time making one. Plus, if you keep up with your work and do well all year, you won’t have as much pressure on yourself to do well on the final.”


Angelina Ammirati – junior Math major pursuing education certification with special education: “Use note cards for important facts and definitions, and rewrite major details from notes. Try using different colors when writing to organize your thoughts.”

Emma Sabini – sophomore Nursing major: “Rewrite all notes at least once, and use practice problems online. The more exposure, the better!”


Kyle McIntyre – sophomore Political Science and History major: “Have a study location. Having a habit of studying in one location will allow your brain to be trained for studying and will make it easier to do so. And stay out of your room. I can’t emphasize it enough: Being in your room will make it harder because you’ll be too comfortable.”

Tricks and tips

LeighAnn Perina – senior Business major: “Have a friend or parent text you flashcard prompts that you create for them. Both reading and writing will reiterate the ideas.”

Victoria Kuhr – sophomore English major: “Create a study group with focused people in your classes.”

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Good luck on finals, everyone!


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