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by · September 26, 2017

Blake Keenan, a senior Accounting major at the Mount, pictured with School of Business Chair Tracey Niemotko after learning that he’d received a $10,000 accounting scholarship from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

Here at the Mount, we are seeing more and more students choosing a major from our School of Business. More than 15% of Mount students are currently pursuing a degree in business, but what’s all the hype about? Is it the availability of 5-year programs to receive both a bachelor’s and master’s in just 5 years? Is it dedicated faculty with specialized expertise and the ability to choose between Accounting and Business Management majors and concentrations in Marketing, Finance, or Sports Management? Is it the School of Business’ reputation in the field and student exposure to business leaders both inside and outside of the classroom? We asked senior Accounting major Blake Keenan why our students love the School of Business:

“When I was applying to schools, I didn’t realize that the Mount was well known for its business program, but being part of the program has made me realize that the school has a very solid reputation in the field. Our accredited program and the fact that it is a School of Business (and not just a division) makes employers want to hire out of the Mount’s business program. The school is constantly providing connections to the real world, which also helps us to network and connect with potential employers.

Blake Keenan assists a family with their taxes through the Tax Aide program.

The School of Business at the Mount does a great job of connecting with the Career Center to bring us business panels, Dining Etiquette dinner, Mock Interview Week, and lots of guest speakers who come to classes wanting to hire Mount students. I’ve also participated in the AARP Tax-Aide Program which allows Mount students to volunteer in helping low income families and the elderly with their income taxes. I’ve done that for the last two tax seasons, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Volunteering in the program has allowed me to get into the community and meet people, participate in community service, and gain tax experience that helped to define my career choice. No two tax returns are the same, so getting that experience helps you to know what you’re doing.

At the Mount, we also offer 5-year programs for both accounting and business management, which allows you to get both a bachelor’s and an MBA in just five years. I am on the 5-year track, and I am so glad I took this route. The program is invaluable for business students, especially for accounting majors – to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, you have to have 150 credits, so completing both degrees in five years sets you on the fast track to becoming a CPA. The 5-year program also helps to fill your credits so you’re not taking as many electives, which is nice because it is all related. The business-heavy curriculum helps you to stay on track and go for your goal while taking a lot more meaningful classes. Additionally, getting both degrees from the same institution allows you to have a rapport with your professors – instead of going into grad school having to adjust to new teaching styles, you already know half of the professors and their specific teaching style. I am proud to be graduating with two degrees from the Mount’s School of Business because of the great preparation I have had for the real world.”

There you have it – convenient 5-year programs, knowledgeable faculty, real world connections, and reputation all go into making the Mount’s School of Business the best it can be. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this highlight video on the School of Business at the Mount.

Blake Keenan, Class of 2018, is an Accounting major from Fishkill, NY.

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