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by · September 7, 2017

Criminology professor Jenifer Lee-Gonyea

One of the Mount’s newest majors, Criminology, is really taking off at the Mount. Unlike simply criminal justice, the Mount’s Criminology major views crime from a variety of angles, including victimization, society’s perception of criminals and victims, and why people commit crime in the first place, infusing a sense of purpose and heart into the studies. Today, we caught up with senior Criminology major Alex Nova to tell us more about what it’s like to study Criminology at the Mount:

Alex Nova

“The Criminology major at the Mount is unique in that we focus not just on crime, but also on the bigger picture behind crime. We go in depth from the victim and the criminal’s prospective, analyzing the “why” of each situation we study. In Criminology, you learn that not everything is what it seems – there’s always a bigger picture.

I transferred from another school with prior law and criminal justice credits, and I’ve never seen anything like the Mount’s program. Other schools concentrate on teaching the law, with no focus on the individual. Criminology personalizes everything, emphasizing not just the crime, but also the victim’s suffering, trauma caused by crime, and how people form criminal backgrounds. It makes you a more compassionate, well-rounded professional, and brings a heart and sense of purpose to the lives of service we hope to lead.

I became interested in criminology because I served in the military prior to coming to the Mount and want to become a police officer or work for the FBI. However, I don’t want to pursue just criminal justice in my future career – I want to be a force for restorative justice, seeing the root of the problem about why people commit crimes.

If you are interested in becoming a Criminology major, you have to be diligent as your studies will be time consuming. Criminology requires an open mind about what you’re going to learn and about every situation you’ll study in order to see that bigger picture. There are times you’re going to wonder why you’re doing this, but there is a bigger reason why. The Criminology major gives you a different perspective on your future line of work, inserting a passion and individuality into your studies outside of just learning practical laws. Never forget what you’re working towards and for. Pushing yourself may be hard, but if it was easy, everyone would do it.”

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Alexander Nova, Class of 2018, is a Criminology major from Miami, FL.

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