Interning Abroad!

by · July 14, 2017

Today, we will hear from Jacob Gaydos, who spent the spring semester in Ireland interning with Eventhaus, full service event planning and marketing company. Here, he will tell you all about his experience.

Getting an international internship was lengthy but very rewarding process. I heard many amazing stories from students who had similar experiences interning abroad, and decided that I wanted to experience working in another country for myself. I began the process by speaking with the Career Center and the Office of International Studies, and applying online through CISabroad. Once I was accepted, I had to get approval for internship credit, and work with a team of advisors from CISabroad and the Mount. Everyone worked together to help me find the perfect type of internship that I was looking for.

At first, living in a different country was quite an adjustment. I had to learn a whole new transit system, get used to a new time zone, learn my way around an unfamiliar environment, and so much more. I stayed in an off-campus apartment complex with other CISabroad students, some of whom were taking classes at the nearby college. The food was delicious, although slightly different than what I was used to from home. I must say that Dublin did not have many other similarities to New York. Dublin culture is unique and beautiful in its own way. Surprisingly, the work environment not too different from my American workplace.

As an intern at an event/marketing agency, I had many responsibilities, including:

  • Promotion and marketing of trade shows and events
  • Database management and cross-referencing
  • Creation of signage and name badges for exhibitors and visitors
  • Coordination and organization of trade shows
  • Spreadsheet analyses
  • Attendance of events on-site
  • Liaisons of volunteers

In this internship I learned many new marketing strategies, tactics, and tips to ensure success in a future career. I cultivated patience, confidence, and most importantly, the ability to adapt when things don’t go as expected. I have learned my capabilities, limitations, and a lot about myself as a person.

The best part of interning abroad was attending two trade shows and travelling on the weekends. I loved being on-site at the trade shows and truly showcasing my skills and abilities. I have met so many business professionals as well as students and got the chance to travel to a wide variety of countries. The most difficult parts of interning abroad were commuting more than an hour each day and working a full 9-5 day in a different time zone. Relying on public transit when you are used to driving was a difficult adjustment. Combine this with jet lag, a foreign city, no familiar faces, and a new job, and it was tough to say the least. But no matter the challenge, it was 1000% a rewarding, worthwhile, and life-changing experience.

My experience here at the Mount has helped prepare me for this experience. The Career Center holds many workshops that truly helped me boost my resume and networking capabilities that helped prepare me for my internship. The Mount gave me a strong sense of community, which allowed me to build warm and friendly acquaintances while abroad. The combination of exceptional classes and welcoming environment gave me the confidence I needed to succeed overseas.

My advice to students who are interested in interning abroad is to DO IT. As a student who has never really left home and has struggled with anxiety his whole life, I can honestly say that it was the best experience of my entire life. I went into this Dublin internship without knowing a single person. By the time I left, I had built connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. I recommend an international internship due to the fact that it is an amazing opportunity to network, build your resume, grow as a person and realize your full potential. You will never know what you are truly capable of unless you break out of your comfort zone.

Take each challenge with a grain of salt and learn from your mistakes. You will make mistakes, you will get a little homesick and you just might cry. But each of those brief moments of self-doubt fade away and you become stronger each day. I do not have a single regret of this international internship. I went into this experience confused, lost, scared, anxious and wondering if I made the right choice, but I absolutely made the right choice. I left Dublin with self-confidence, happiness, cultural awareness, and a better understanding of who I was as an individual.


Jacob Gaydos, Class of 2017, is a business administration major from Newburgh, NY with a concentration in marketing.

If you are interested in an international internship, you can find more information by contacting the Career Center. You can also reach out to Jacob at, who has offered to give advice and support to those considering an international internship.