Senior projects flourish at the Mount

by · June 30, 2017

Christina Antico, an Honors student, presents her Honors Research project.

If you are a Mount graduate, you will remember the spring as a time of preparation and culmination – preparing for finals, graduation, and the future while also culminating all of the skills, memories, and talents you developed during your time at the Mount. As a Mount alum, you will also remember another spring rite of passage that embodies this dynamic of preparation and culmination – your senior project.

Several academic and student affairs departments on campus require graduating students to come up with a project during their senior year that combines all of the skills they’ve gained before they enter the real world. These projects span from in-depth research papers and presentations to organizing and hosting a campus event. This year, the Mount had an array of impressive graduates with unique projects, and we wanted to highlight a few here:

  • Amanda Bocekci, a public relations major, created Moda, a fashion + lifestyle magazine that merged her researching, writing, editing, photography, and design skills. “At the beginning of my senior year, I had the vision to create something for my capestone project that would incorporate the skills I developed from my major and three minors,” Bocekci recalls. “I wanted it to also be a hardcopy showcasing my 4 years of college that I could present to future employers. Fast forward to the end of my senior year and my vision had become my reality.”
  • John Chiaia, a journalism major, played off of the Mount’s ever-popular Mount Olympics with “Mount Olympics: Revenge” as his Leadership Scholar project. The 2016 Mount Olympics produced a three-way tie between the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, so this event helped to break the tie (the sophomore class won!). Chiaia also helped to organize the Spring Jam Fest with the campus club Musical Exchange as an additional senior project for his communications class.
  • Vittoria DiBella, a public relations major, designed and maintained a website and social media presence for a local Hudson Valley photographer looking to advertise and display her work.
  • Christina Karklin combined the skills she learned in her childhood education classes and her mathematics degree for her mathematics senior project: “Distributive Property at the Movies,” a lesson plan that taught 6th grade level distributive property by comparing it to ordering food at the movies.
  • Elizabeth Lavin and Daria Sullivan, both psychology majors, teamed up to completed their Leadership Scholar project, “Life as a Psych Major” (above). The event was an informative fair for psychology majors that featured information on campus clubs and honor societies relating to psychology, representatives from graduate programs and current internship sites, and alumni working in the psychology field.
  • Elizabeth Pozzulo, a childhood education and mathematics major, came up with “Graph Yourself!” a teaching method to illustrate graphing by having students physically graph themselves on a chart using tape to understand slope. “It’s a lesson to help students understand graphing by having to actually get up and ‘plot’ themselves on a graph the teacher would make on the floor using two pieces of tape,” she explained, hoping that the activity would help students to visualize the properties of graphing by doing it themselves. “I’d love to try this activity with actual students!”
  • Kayla Senno, a public relations major, hosted Glo Run 5K, a fundraising event held in the parking lot of Hudson Hall that featured a glow in the dark course benefiting the American Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Danangelowe Spencer (above), a production major, spearheaded the Art, Reality, Truth Show (A.R.T) in the spring for his senior project, creating a video that highlighted the Mount’s reflections of these themes and bringing together creatives across campus in a show that featured work from students, faculty, and staff in a variety of outlets – painting, sculpture, design, and performance. “We aim to rejuvenate the appreciation and expression of the arts here at the Mount,” Spencer said of his project. “Personally, my aim is to inspire students to create, share, and inspire.”
  • Isabella Tartaglione, a business management and administration senior, hosted an event called “Get Hired Today” for business students, which included speaker Suzan Dushaj, a recruiter for companies including Google, Standard & Poor’s, McGraw-Hill, and Pitney Bowes for her Leadership Scholar project.

These are just a few of the many great projects that our seniors put together this year (see below for more!). We are so proud of all of our senior students and the hard work they put into their projects. Good work, Class of 2017!

Sarah Angiolillo – The Pythagorean Theorem
Christina Antico – Triangle Inequality Theorem and Moms in Charge? Revealing Latent Bias for Gender Roles in Parenting
Shelbi Babcock – Möbius Strips and “Flipping” the Routine of a Mathematics Classroom
Madison Beckman – Community Building in the Honors Program and Millennials and Advertising Effectiveness
Jaclyn Benson and Briana Cherwinski – The Effect of Play Therapy on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Olivia Bogle and Kristen Ottaka – Mental Health in Post-Genocidal Rwanda
Briana Breil – Magic Squares
Joseph Burge – Families in Service blog
Michael Callari – Decline of Student Enrollment in Non-STEM Programs awareness
Matthew Cerasaro – The Mathematics of Chess
John Chiaia – Spring Jam Fest
Shannon Cieciuch – Operation H.E.L.P.
Alister Collins – Modeling Temperature in Traditional Nepalese Dwellings Heated by Inverted Downdraft Gasifiers
Jessica Daigle and Jillian McCabe – The Effect of Play Therapy on Trauma Symptoms Found in Childhood Abuse Survivors
Nicole D’Angio – Calculating Miles Per Hour
Kalyn Drasher – Food and clothing drive for families in need
Lauren Epstein – Assisting Students through Assistive Technology
Tanya Fraile – Finding the Area Under the Curve – Starburst Edition
Stephanie Gambino and Jenine Minero – The Effect of a Playground Design on Social Interactions for Children with Autism
Jonathan Garofalo – Using Algorithms to Solve Mazes: An Application of Graph Theory and Creation and Examination of an Infinite Class of Graphs
Anthony Galletta – The Traveling Salesman Problem
Rene Guiditta – Creating a Parabola
Stephanie Henry – Multiplication of Polynomial Using Algebra Tiles and Rectangular Array
Brittney Hillman – The Unit Circle: Where do the points come from?
Malaina Hynes – Probability and Odds Using Skittles
Melissa Kochovos – The Smartest Country in the World: What is Finland’s Secret and Why Doesn’t America Stack Up? and Men in Early Childhood
Thomas Koppinger and Samantha Verbert – Kids Crack Code: The Long-Term Effects of Coding Games on Grit and Logic Development in School-Age Children
Kara Kucker – Spaghetti Sine
Leanne Labetti – Project Newburgh
Nick Laffin – Game Theory: A Practical Application of Logic and Analytic Thinking
Brigitte Leyva – Together We Stand Run/Walk for refugee awareness
Rose Linehan – Big Brothers, Big Sisters and MSMC Knights collaboration
Jennifer Lombardi – Using M & M’s to Teach Statistics in Mathematics
Amanda Luciano – Discovering the Formulas for Volumes of a Cone or a Cylinder
Alexandra Magliato – Using Pennies to Discover a System of Linear Equations
Ulisis Marmol – The Importance and Significance of Population Mean in Statistics
Rebecca Moses – Using Cubes and Squares to Solve One
Chris Navarro – Fantasy Baseball Frenzy blog
Kyla Nichols – Uncommon Psychological Disorders
Heather Nolan – How Many Cones Does It Take?
Clare O’Keefe – Looking into the Future, Goodbye, PD (Parkinson’s awareness campaign)
Diana Pernicano – Returning to School After an Extended Absence Due to Chronic Illness: The Physical, Social, and Psychological Impact
Ainsley Pilz – Congruency using SSS, SAS, AAS, and ASA
Heather Polgrean – Mathematical Model of the Plague
Jessica Radenberg – MSMC Knights event attendance promotion plan
Julia Recine – Just Me and Patchy blog
Michael Reistetter – Crush Magazine and writing workshop creation
Joseph San Filippo – Active Video games research
Allison Sciucco – MSMC Alcohol Usage education pamphlet
Kayla Stevens – Where do Pi and Radians Come From?
Genevieve Stinson – Using Paper Airplanes to Teach Standard Deviation and A History of Special Education
Joseph Timmons – The Mathematics Behind Sudoku Puzzles
Laura Wetherbee – Alleviated Mind blog

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