Dorm Decorating Tips

by · June 1, 2017

Hey Class of 2021! Did you know that there are only 87 days until move in? Have you figured out how you’re going to decorate your dorm yet? Keep reading for tips from current students and recent alums about ways to personalize your room in Sakac or Guzman!

Steven Juergensen, Class of 2017 – “Conversation starters!! Posters of your favorite bands and photos of your friends and yourself doing something you love.” Wall art can not only help to liven up the space, but can also be a great way to start a conversation with someone new.

Daria Sullivan, Class of 2017 – “Use the space under your bed!!! This additional space is perfect for food, storage, drinks, or shoes (etc). Although it may not look like a whole lot, using that space will de-clutter your desk area and make dorm living easier!”

Daria also shares, “Your desk is the most important area in your room. Not only does it serve as a place for your endless coffees and books, but it is where you will do most of your studying. Magazine holders, pictures, mason jars, or tiny buckets serve as great organizers and add personal touches. In addition, a giants desk calendar will keep you organized in a visual way!”

Elizabeth Lavin, Class of 2017 – “The best things I had throughout my four years at the Mount were storage bins. Some were stackable bins to hold all of my socks and spandex for volleyball and shorts and two of them were for my snacks! Each year that stored different things which is why I loved the flexibility with it. Then there were bigger storage bins that I shoved under my bed to hold extra school supplies, bathroom/medical supplies, and miscellaneous stuff. I got both of these at the Container Store, and they offer great discounts for college students!

Mikayla Zaccaria, Class of 2019 – “The clothespin technique! As you can see in the picture from my freshman year, I put a command hook on the wall and then attached a piece of string to another command hook. I then took my pictures and hung them with a clothespin on the string. It gave my side of the room some character.”

Blake Keenan, Class of 2018 – “Find as many cool things as possible because there will be many pictures taken in the room and you can’t have boring things in the background!”

John Chiaia, Class of 2017 – “Make sure your bed is raised as high as it can go. Put any storage bins or bags that could potentially clutter the room under your bed. Use window curtains or extra bed sheets to covert that space so they are now out of everyone’s sight.”

Francisco Mojica, Class of 2020 – “Make your dorm similar to your room at home. It will help give you a more welcoming feeling.”

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