Q&A with a Mount Business Major

by · April 6, 2017

Today, we have an interview with LeighAnn Perina, about what it’s like to study business here at the Mount.

KL: What made you want to study business in college?

LP: After serving as treasurer of the student body in high school, I found a deep appreciation for capital and financing. I came to the Mount undeclared, but after taking business courses and discussing my options with business professionals, I declared my major as business. I am motivated by the potential for opportunities and growth within the business world.

KL: Why did you choose to study business here at the Mount?

LP: After visiting campus and talking with the admissions staff, professors, and students, I felt at home. The professors are invested in our education and future. The classes are rigorous and apply to what I will be doing in my career. Our business program offers a wide range of coursework in different areas of business, including marketing, operations, finance, data analysis, etc. You will graduate having skills in a wide range of areas.

KL: What is your favorite part of the program?

LP: The professors of the business department are by far the best part of the program. Each professor has unique experience and passion. These professors are lawyers, accountants, managers, marketing directors, etc., all with real-world experience in their fields. It is so important to have this insight and network structure. One professor in particular, Peter Gregory, requires a “career path” assignment to be completed each semester, which helps students develop professionally and prepare for life after college. Professors also invite guest speakers from various companies and schools to share additional perspectives and insight.

KL: What is your favorite class within the program so far (and why)?

LP: My favorite class within the program is Financial Management with Dr. Ying Xiao. This class teaches students how to value bonds, use true market values, or TVM, and evaluate purchase and lease options, just to name a few. Dr. Xiao is also my mentor for my financial literacy research project and is teaching a Seminar in Finance this semester. The course is imperative to a degree in finance and is highly recommended.

KL: What professor has influenced you the most in the major?

LP: Professor Tracey Niemotko influenced my decision to major in business. She serves as the chair of the School of Business and is a valuable resource to all of the students in the program. I have taken Intermediate Accounting I with Professor Niemotko and look to her for guidance both inside and outside of the classroom. She has significantly influenced my future and is a role model for many.

KL: Your advice to students interested in the business major?

LP:  My advice to prospective students is to network as much as possible. It is important to get as much experience as you can and study hard. Above all, be active on campus. Join the Honors Program, Student Business Association, and other clubs. This will help you make friends within your major and prepare you for the next four years.


LeighAnn Perina, Class of 2018, is a business administration and management major from Staten Island, NY with a concentration in finance.

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