Q&A with Women’s Lacrosse Player

by · March 23, 2017

Today, we have an interview with graduate business student Amanda Clemens, to share her experience as a player on the women’s lacrosse team. Since Amanda graduated early, she is still eligible to play lacrosse as a graduate student.

KL: What is your favorite aspect of lacrosse?

AC:  What I enjoy most about lacrosse is that it is a team sport.  I appreciate and respect each and every one of my teammates, and I am lucky enough to call them my friends. With a wide range of personalities, everyone has something different to bring to the team which makes the experience even more unique and fun. We have support both on and off the field, and we are all looking to achieve the same goal. All the hard work we put in, we do it together, and take every win and loss as a team which makes the experience that much more special.

KL: How do you balance playing a sport and being a student? What do you do to unwind?

AC:  Being a student-athlete has taught me a lot about time management and prioritization, which is the best way to balance being a student and playing a sport.  Having a busy schedule helps keep me on top of my work and organize tasks. Since I have a tendency to procrastinate, playing a sport forces me to get work done ahead of schedule and designate time for both school and lacrosse. Lacrosse is my way of unwinding, but I also like to draw and watch TV (Bachelor Mondays!!!).

KL: At one point, you were still in high school trying to navigate where you wanted to go to college and who you wanted to play for. What advice can you give to high school students who are feeling the same way?

AC: My best advice for high school students looking to play a sport in college is to decide on a school that you could see yourself attending if you didn’t play that sport. The main purpose of college is to get an education, so if you can see yourself being challenged and successful in your program and enjoying campus life, then playing a sport is an added benefit.

KL: What are you hoping to do after graduating? How do you think sports will affect your career?

AC: After graduation I hope to get a full-time job in marketing and/or sales, preferably in the entertainment and media industry. Apart from my education, being a college athlete is one of my strongest assets. Playing a sport in college has given me many skills that translate to the business world such as leadership, time management, discipline, organization, passion, and a competitive edge.


Amanda Clemens, Class of 2016, is a graduate student studying business administration from Baldwin, NY. She is a captain of the lacrosse team, and plays defense/midfield.