Student Journalists Work Together to Keep Campus Informed

by · March 10, 2017

Mike Reistetter, editor-in-chief of “Mount Messenger,” shares his thoughts about why the college newspaper is an important outlet on campus:

The growing general consensus says journalism is an unstable profession.  Yet there is something about contributing to the global news media, regardless of whether it’s on a major platform or not, that can make all the difference in restoring a community’s cumulative belief in themselves.

Fortunately, Mount Saint Mary College includes a place where all writers are encouraged to submit articles and see their own name printed in by-line form. The college newspaper, “Mount Messenger,” began as a student club through the Student Activities Office in 2011. It has recently moved from Student Activities to become a part of the Division of Arts and Letters.  This gives students the freedom to work closely with their professors to cover important issues that are relevant to Mount students.

You have a problem with an issue on campus? Write about it. You want to break boundaries with a deeply personal advice column? Preach about it. You need to leave Facebook-posting behind for a while to add a collection of published stories to your professional skill set and portfolio? Flaunt it. “Mount Messenger” does not discriminate. You can write about nearly anything you want.

The Mount is connected to life beyond its borders in more ways than you think. Sitting in your dorm room binging shows on Netflix while you watch the rest of the world carry on outside your window is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s what I did during my freshman year. But I’ve gotten to where I am now because of what I did in between episodes.

Writing television and films reviews made me feel comfortable sharing my work with others for the first time. And the more I did it, the more I wanted to take my craft to the next level—first by interviewing others for content, and then by leading others as I helped them organize their own stories.

Writing for “Mount Messenger” does not automatically make you a writer. Anybody can say they are a writer. But only “Mount Messenger” staff members can say they write for a team.


Mike Reistetter, Class of 2017, is a Media Studies student from Hauppauge, NY, with a concentration in Journalism. He is editor-in-chief of the college newspaper, “Mount Messenger.”