Meet Three of Your MSMC Senate Members

by · October 6, 2016

Above: Isabella Tartaglione, Olivia Bogle, and friends at Bonfire 2015.

You may have seen them dressed in their business casual clothing every Tuesday for their Student Government Association (SGA) meeting. You’ve probably seen them at every event you’ve ever attended at the Mount. Most of these students make up Mount Saint Mary College’s Senate. In the midst of a busy semester, Knight Life caught up with SGA Vice President Kayla O’Connor, SGA Secretary Isabella Tartaglione, and Community Outreach and Philanthropy Chair Olivia Bogle.

Knight Life: What about the Mount inspired you to run for a Senate position?

Kayla: The sense of community at the Mount inspired me to run for a Senate position. The way that everyone comes together to attend events is remarkable. I asked myself how I would be able to take up a leadership role for these events. When I saw that the fliers were posted to run for a position, I made it my mission to get involved.

Knight Life: As a third year Senate member, what are some things that Senate has done in the past that you hope will be brought back for the 2016-2017 year?

Isabella: We’ve had a lot of comedians come to campus and they’ve always been a big success, but I think bringing back a concert would be awesome! We had The Ready Set open up for We The Kings a few years ago, which was exciting because they were so popular at the time. I think that a country concert would be a lot of fun especially if it could be done outside.

Knight Life: What is something that you would say to freshmen students who are unsure about whether or not they should run for a Senate position? 

Olivia: If you are a freshman student and you are unsure about running for a Senate position, I say, just do it! Being on Senate is something that will give you the ability to really make a difference in the student body and the experience that your classmates will have during their four years at the Mount. If you have great ideas, are a passionate person, and really want to make an impact, then the effort of running for a position is worth the risk. Always remember that when you take that leap of faith to do something like running for a position on Senate, you might be inspiring others around you to become involved. I can confidently say that being involved since my freshmen year has been paramount in shaping who I am today.