Meet Your SGA President: Steven Tobey

by · September 21, 2016

If you’re ever at a Mount Saint Mary College lacrosse game, you’re bound to see our team’s goalie blocking shots. While he may seem entirely focused on the game, what you may not see is the hours this goalie spends off the field acting as the Mount’s Student Government Association (SGA) president. Elected as the president in April, junior Steven Tobey is motivated, driven and prepared in his new leadership position.

As SGA president, he acts as the liaison between students, administration, and faculty. His responsibilities also lie in planning the Mount’s large scale events such as Bonfire (for the fall semester) and Spring Weekend (for the spring semester) with the help of 19 other elected Senate members. The positions range from class presidents to public relations and media officer to the commuter council president and more to ensure that all students are being represented and heard on campus. Steven does his best to make sure everyone has a voice on Senate. “We (SGA) hope to increase event attendance and bring the student body together as a community.”

During his run as sophomore class president, he communicated with his class frequently via email to establish a connection with them. Steven hopes to implement techniques he used in his former position to help determine what the student body wants, but also aims to branch out from what he’s used to. He recently signed up for the poetry club because he wants to pop in and see what it’s about.

His inspiration doesn’t stem from the big names you see on television or hear on the radio, but rather from his grandmother. “She always told me to go outside of my comfort zone,” he said. In fact, he doesn’t even know if he would have ever run for sophomore class president if it weren’t for her. Her resilience and perseverance through her own battles have inspired him most.

But what about Steven Tobey, a college kid from Stratford, Conn.? What are his goals for the semester? His eyes widen and he practically rises out of his seat, “I want Dean’s list!” It’s the equivalent of bringing a little kid into a toy store for the first time. “You don’t understand… I’ve been short by .1 every time!”

He recognizes the role that Mount Saint Mary College has played in his life thus far. “Get involved,” he said.  “The people you can meet can change your life forever.”

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