Communications at the Mount – More Than Just a Major

by · April 13, 2015

Brittany Ambrosino (middle row, far right), a junior Communications major at the Mount, with fellow Orientation Leaders during Summer 2014 Orientation

Hello! My name is Brittany Ambrosino and I am a junior, double majoring in Journalism and Public Relations here at the Mount.

I discovered my passion for journalism in high school. Writing always seemed to come easy to me ﹘ it was as if the words just flowed right out of me. When the talk of college came around, my high school English teacher suggested I go for journalism. I’ve also been very interested in the entertainment industry and public relations/promotions my entire life. After coming to the Mount and seeing all that the Arts and Letters Division had to offer, I knew I had made the right decision, both in my majors and in choosing to enroll here.

I absolutely love the creativity that comes with my major. I’ve been able to produce papers and projects that have not only heightened my education, but are also things I can use after college and in my career. I love the fact that I can speak my mind in my classes, and the work I produce reflects just that. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work; it feels more like fun. You know you’ve chosen the right major when you’re taking a test, and instead of dreading it, you’re enjoying doing it.

There are so many classes within my major that have been extremely beneficial to my progress as a student. Copy Editing and Journalistic Writing with Professor Jane Hanley truly helped me become a better writer. Professor Hanley is an absolute sweetheart, and I have learned so many critically-important writing skills in her courses. While a biology or business major might find learning about where to properly use a comma or the correct form of “its” versus “it’s” boring, I thrived on learning more. I also think every student here should be required to take Public Speaking with Professor James Beard! He gave me so much confidence to speak in front of people and his infectious personality made going to class enjoyable, rather than a bore.

Media: Practices and Problems with Professor Dean Goldberg was one of the most interesting courses I’ve taken in Communications, where we learned what is ethical and unethical in the entertainment and news industries. I always jump at the chance to take a course with Professor Goldberg; his quirky and hilarious personality make all of his courses fun. You never know what to expect when walking into one of his classes, and I love that about them!

My experience with Mount Messenger, the Mount’s student newspaper, has also contributed to the love of my major. While students in any major can contribute to the paper, I truly think my role as president and writer have helped me become more experienced within my major and field. I feel much more confident about future job endeavours after working on the newspaper as well.

My advice to prospective students and freshmen in my major is to make sure you enjoy it. I personally believe a Communications major is the most fun major to have on this campus. You truly explore all aspects of writing, media studies, and public relations. As long as you have a passion for writing or communications, I can guarantee you will absolutely feel a sense of belonging in the Arts and Letters Division. Never be afraid to reach out to your professors; every teacher in the division is incredibly compassionate and willing to help.

One last tip I have to offer is to join the Mount Messenger. If you’re a journalism major, you’re going to need a portfolio of writing samples when trying to find a job after graduation. Nothing looks better than to have written for your college’s newspaper as a journalism or communications major!

To learn more about Mount Messenger, please visit their website. You can also learn more about the Arts and Letters Division here.


Brittany Ambrosino, Class of 2016, is a Journalism and Public Relations major from Montgomery, NY.