Preparing for the Future – Reflecting on the Employment Fair

by · March 31, 2015

Christine Urio (bottom row, far right) attended the Honors Luncheon at the Employment Fair on March 25, 2015 in the Kaplan Gym.

Students at Mount Saint Mary College recently pulled out their blazers, ironed their dress shirts, and found those khakis in the bottom drawer to prepare for the College’s annual Employment Fair on Wednesday, March 25 in the Kaplan Gym.

After proofreading my resume at least 12 times, I printed out a neat stack, straightened my nametag, and walked confidently into the gym already abuzz with future employers.

Being a member of the College’s Honors Program has its perks; besides doing in-depth research on an author we really love, or challenging the faculty at trivia night, we also have the privilege of meeting with employers before the fair begins. An hour prior to starting, I was given the opportunity to attend a luncheon with those participating in the fair, which gave me an advantage to talk with them one-on-one. While I was excited to have this amazing chance, the prospect was a bit daunting, since these were the people I would be seeking potential jobs from. The pressure was on to make a memorable first impression.

However, my anxiety was futile, for it proved to be a relaxing experience. While I was initially hesitant about approaching tables and talking with representatives during the fair, the lunch calmed my nerves and reinforced that these people are just that — people. It gave me the confidence to seek out and engage in conversation which could flow naturally from anything about myself to how terribly the Mets played last season.With the preliminary nerves gone, I was able to reach out to multiple people and make the most of the fair.

I was surprised at how many different organizations were present, and the sheets depicting the layout of companies around the gym proved to be helpful, for I was able to efficiently manage my time by focusing on employers I truly wanted to meet. I was also happy to see broad diversity in the companies that attended: there were a plethora of job opportunities for education, nursing, and business majors. Several different regions were also represented; there were employers from the local area as well as surrounding regions such as Connecticut and Long Island, which is helpful for students who do not live locally.

Above: Christine gathers information about Camp Ramapo for Children at the College’s annual Employment Fair.

I was thrilled to have a conversation with a woman from Safe Homes, and excited to submit a resume to a local publishing company. I also stopped by a few tables I had no prior intention of speaking with, and wound up discovering that some of the skills I had developed over the years could be applicable to jobs that were not in my field, but still interesting to me, like environmentalism.

Overall, the career fair was a success on many levels, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful staff at the Career Center. Even if I don’t get one call back, the experience in itself was rewarding. I liked having the ability to talk with professionals in the workforce and see what kind of jobs are out there for college students. Before we know it, graduation will become a reality for all of us, and I thank the College for giving its students yet another opportunity to better themselves for the future.

The College’s Annual Employment Fair boasted over 70 employers on March 25, 2015.


Christine Urio, Class of 2015, an English major from Monroe, NY with a minor in Journalism.