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by · March 24, 2015

Elite Knight Trends, the Mount’s fashion club, at the 2014 Pace Upward Bound fashion show. On the far left is Adrian Willis, president of Elite Knight Trends.

Hello! My name is Adrian Willis, and I am the president of Elite Knight Trends, Mount Saint Mary College’s fashion club. Our purpose is to provide a place of appreciation for the general concept of fashion and its artistic nature, particularly for an awareness of culturally-diverse fashions. During our weekly meetings, we discuss and watch videos on different forms of fashion, whether it be watching how-to videos, looking at celebrities’ attire from award or fashion shows, discussing the latest trends, having conversations about personal style, or collaboratively planning an event.

Our meetings are free-flowing and run just like an average lunch table discussion where all members’ opinions are valued and strongly encouraged; no voice goes unheard or unappreciated. In fact, the ideal Elite Knight Trends meeting runs as follows: the president gives an update on future events and event planning, then a member brings up a topic, and other members chime in on the discussion. When that topic is over, another member introduces another topic. The setting is extremely relaxed.

There is a big misconception that to be in this club, you have to be well-dressed and very knowledgeable about fashion, but this is not the case. We accept anyone regardless of how he or she dresses, or what he or she likes to wear. We have members that wear everything from sweatpants to suits at our meetings. 

We are a newer club on campus, but throughout our short tenure, we have already established a reputation for the club. Aside from our heavy involvement on social media with our constant updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, we have also participated in events on and off campus. Last year, for example, we aided in a fashion show at Pace University with the Upward Bound program. In addition, we also participated in another fashion show held on campus in Hudson Hall for a Mount student’s senior project in 2014.

Above: In Fall 2014, Elite Knight Trends worked with the Latino Student Union to create an event celebrating the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month and Latino Fashion Week.

Elite Knight Trends is primarily a fashion club, but we would not like to limit ourselves to just that. One of the main future goals for the club is to involve itself in the Mount Saint Mary College community by collaborating with other clubs as well as by working with the campus store. We would also like to get involved in the Newburgh community by doing community clean-ups, clothing drives, or spending time with the children in the community.

If you would like to join Elite Knight Trends, please email me at We meet every Monday at 8 p.m. in Hudson 102. Also, feel free to connect with Elite Knight Trends on social media through Facebook (Elite Knight Trends), YouTube (Elite Knight Trends), and Instagram (@EliteKnightTrends).

Elite Knight Trends assists at a fashion show at Pace University in 2014 with the Upward Bound program.

Adrian Willis, Class of 2016, is a business student from Newburgh, NY.

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