Alumni Reflections: Karen Borst

by · November 20, 2014

This week marks exactly six months since the Class of 2014 walked across the stage and became the newest members of the Mount Saint Mary College alumni family. Those of us who knew the amazing Class of 2014 are definitely feeling their absence this year, so we decided to reach out to some of our recent alumni for updates. In honor of their six-month anniversary, Knight Life will be posting updates from a few students each day this week, highlighting their achievements and progress since graduation.

Karen Borst

Current city: Levittown, NY

Major at the Mount: Mathematics and Adolescent Education 7-12 with a middle school extension 5-6

What have you been doing since you graduated in May?  

I am working at IS73 in Maspeth, Queens as a 6th grade mathematics teacher and am also attending Queens College for my master’s degree in Literacy Education, 5-12.

How did the Mount prepare you for life after college?

The Mount helped me to grow up and be independent, having the confidence to lead my own classes. It also helped me to decipher student needs and to effectively teach students, given different useful strategies.  

What advice would you give for students in your major about life after college?

The teaching world is tough. Your first year isn’t going to be easy. I am experiencing a struggle I never saw myself in, regarding not having a classroom or any sort of workbook materials, but I keep telling myself that it will be better for my second year. Keep a record of everything that you do, whether you are substitute teaching or you have your own classes. Having a copy of everything will keep you from having to start at the beginning every year. Don’t give up; your first job might not be the perfect job, but it will help you get the experience you need for that perfect job.