Alumni Reflections: Nicole Havrilla

by · November 17, 2014

This week marks exactly six months since the Class of 2014 walked across the stage and became the newest members of the Mount Saint Mary College alumni family. Those of us who knew the amazing Class of 2014 are definitely feeling their absence this year, so we decided to reach out to some of our recent alumni for updates. In honor of their six-month anniversary, Knight Life will be posting updates from a few students each day this week, highlighting their achievements and progress since graduation.

Nicole Havrilla

Current city: Newburgh, NY

Major at the Mount: B.A. in Mathematics, with a dual certification in Childhood Education and Special Education, and a minor in Psychology

What have you been doing since you graduated in May?

Since graduation, I have returned to the Mount for my masters in Literacy Education (birth-6) and took on a permanent substitute teaching position in the Washingtonville School District. I work with amazing colleagues and staff that continue to add to my repertoire of knowledge, and I get to do what I love most: teach.

How did the Mount prepare you for life after college?  

The honors program, SGA, and the multitude of other departments and activities I took part in as an undergraduate have greatly prepared me for the rigor and spontaneity of the real world. All of these past commitments have helped build my resume and set me apart from others in the same field. They have provided me with unique opportunities to flourish and learn valuable transferable skills such as adaptability, organization, and time management. These are all skills that are necessary when running a classroom of your own.

Student teaching was also extremely beneficial in my college career. It provided me with not only skills and techniques to use in the classroom, but also connections and mentors in the field of education that I am still very close with today.

What advice do you have for students in your major about life after college?

If your major requires a master’s degree within a few years after college, don’t put it off.  I personally recommend continuing your education straight out of college because you are still in that school mindset and able to tackle a heavy workload. This will also further prepare you in your field and make you a better candidate for potential job opportunities in the future.  Either way, it is still going to be an adjustment from the college life you are used to. While life may be different and more hectic after college, I advise you to never let your work or distance separate you from the friendships you fostered as an undergraduate at the Mount.