Major Profile – Hispanic Studies

by · November 10, 2014

Caleb Oliver, a freshman here at the Mount, is a Hispanic Studies major.

Caleb Oliver, a freshman Hispanic Studies student, recently talked to Knight Life about his major.

Knight Life: Why did you choose to be a Hispanic Studies major?

Caleb: I chose Hispanic Studies as my major because I enjoy the Spanish language. Ever since my first grade teacher, Ms. Clark, introduced me to this subject, I have been fascinated by it. I want to be a Spanish interpreter, and it would be wonderful to start a career doing something I love.

KL: What is your favorite aspect of the major?

Caleb: My favorite aspect of Hispanic Studies is its prevalence in our culture. The Spanish language and culture are very popular in America, and I like that I can encounter it frequently, even when it comes to music. For my senior year in high school, I was a part of the Spanish club, and we danced the Bachata and Merengue for International Day. I think it is great that Spanish can appear so often, even when it involves something as simple, yet enjoyable, as music.

KL: What is your favorite class within the major thus far (and why)?

Caleb: Conversational Spanish is my favorite class because I get to continue my studies of the Spanish language while doing fun exercises. I enjoy this class because we focus on the fundamentals of Spanish, which is learning basic, but important elements of the language. Learning the language in this way is better than trying to learn every aspect of the language at once, which simply is not necessary in order to have an effective conversation in Spanish.

KL:  Who is your favorite professor within the major?

Caleb: My favorite professor is Dr. Victor Azuaje because he can teach a lesson successfully, while both he and the class have fun. Frequently, Professor Azuaje will choose a student and use him or her as an example for his lesson, which helps us to better understand the topic while enjoying ourselves as well.

KL: You’ve only been here a few months, but what would your advice be to prospective students who are interested in becoming Hispanic Studies majors?

Caleb: My advice to prospective students in the Hispanic Studies major is to practice and review the material given out in class. The work we do in class is not hard, but in order to complete the assignments with ease, one must know the topics well. Also, prospective students should learn and remember their material cumulatively, as opposed to just learning it for the test and then forgetting it. One must do this in order to genuinely better their Spanish speaking skills as a whole and not just for a test.

Caleb Oliver, Class of 2018, is a Hispanic Studies major from Queens, NY.