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by · November 3, 2014

Taylor Walton, a senior mathematics student at the Mount, completed an internship with ConnectiCare during the summer of 2014.

This past summer, I completed an actuarial internship with ConnectiCare, a health insurance agency in Connecticut. Throughout my internship, I learned an abundance of information, from healthcare reform regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the impact it has on the healthcare market, to the different lines of business (individual, small group, and large group). I also gained knowledge about the different pharmaceutical aspects of healthcare and the impact they have on the cost of health insurance.

Healthcare comes with a lot of risks, and each company must carefully consider these risks when designing and pricing their products. Within healthcare, there are strict guidelines for companies to follow. One of my jobs was to calculate Actuarial Values (AVs), which determine how rich the benefits of a product are so the company can market the plan accordingly. I also worked on Unified Rate Review Templates, which the federal government requires each company to complete for their upcoming year’s rates.

This internship will be an astounding asset for my career. Not only did I create a lot of great relationships with my co-workers at ConnectiCare, but the experience I gained will give me a foot in the door for the future. I have high hopes of returning to ConnectiCare once I graduate.

I would tell underclassmen looking for internships to be proactive. I was continuously checking for internships, and applying to all that interested me and fit my skills. It worked, because I got one that I loved!

I would also tell underclassmen that it’s okay to be nervous. I was definitely nervous when I had my first interview with ConnectiCare. However, after talking with some of my professors, they reassured me that I could in fact get this internship and do well. I prepared myself mentally for both my interviews by going over ConnectiCare’s mission and finding out what they were about so I would be less anxious in the interview. I also reviewed my strengths and weaknesses to lay a foundation for questions that would be asked about myself. The first day was very nerve-wracking, too, but the people at ConnectiCare were extremely friendly and comforting!

Throughout this whole experience, I worked tremendously hard to do my best and assist ConnectiCare as much as possible. It was the greatest opportunity, and I am so blessed to have interned for such an amazing company!

Taylor Walton, Class of 2015, is a mathematics major from Avon, CT.

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