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by · October 27, 2014

Real-world applications – Aaron Ricci, a junior information technology student, found his part-time job with the MSMC IT Support Center through the Career Center. He began working at the Support Center in 2013 as a sophomore.

Aaron Ricci, a junior Information Technology major, works as an IT Support Center Analyst at the MSMC IT Support Center. He recently talked to Knight Life about his favorite aspects of being an IT major.

Knight Life: What is your major?

Aaron: I am an information technology major with a concentration in networking and a minor in religious studies.

KL: Why did you choose this major?

Aaron: I have always found it rewarding using my skills and time to help others. I have been good with computers since I was a child, and after years of being that person in the family who has to fix everybody’s technology, I decided that it could be more than a hobby. I could make a real difference in people’s lives with my skills.

KL: What is your favorite aspect of the major?

Aaron: There are always new challenges and puzzles to solve. While there are many common computer problems, you can also get real enigmas that are so strange, they force you to always be on your feet. However, I mostly love making people happy because I was able to fix something that they otherwise would have considered “unsavable.”

KL: What is your favorite class?

Aaron: Database Management is the best class I’ve ever taken. It surprised me how fun being a DBA (Database Administrator) could be.

KL: Who is your favorite professor within the major?

Aaron: Dr. Stephen Cheskiewicz has only been here since August, but he has taught me so much in these past months. He is so excited about what he teaches that I look forward to each class, and I’ve had to start getting coffee before his classes just to keep up with his energy level. But his excitement isn’t just confined to databases; he has also volunteered to look over his students’ resumes as a former CIO (Chief Information Officer) and has given many helpful tricks to get noticed. He is an enormous asset to this school, and I can’t wait to take more classes with him.

KL: What is your advice to prospective students and freshmen in your major?

Aaron: Get real-world work experience. What you learn in your classes can only help you so much in the technology field. Start looking for internship or co-op opportunities as a freshman. The earlier you can get hands-on experience, the faster you’ll start understanding the material and making connections.

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Aaron Ricci, Class of 2016, is an information technology major with a concentration in networking and a minor in religious studies from Red Hook, NY.