My Volleyball Experience at MSMC

by · October 6, 2014

Elizabeth Lavin (far left, #1) is pictured here with the MSMC Volleyball team at a game held at Oneonta on August 29, 2014.

I’ve been playing volleyball since I was in 7th grade and played at the varsity level starting my sophomore year of high school. I flipped between being an Outside Hitter and a Middle Hitter, which is something I still do today. Upon entering my senior year of high school, I was hesitant when deciding whether or not I should try to continue playing in college. Today, I know I made the right decision to play volleyball at the collegiate level.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create what is portrayed on the court at volleyball games. The season runs from the middle of August until mid-November. The entire team, including the freshmen recruits, move in a week earlier than everyone else for preseason. Preseason is the longest week out of the entire year for me. We move in on a Sunday afternoon, have a three-hour practice that night and follow a practice schedule of 9 am-12 pm and 7 pm-10 pm every day for the rest of that week. Once preseason is over, we follow a regular practice schedule of 7 pm-9 pm every night except for Saturdays (which are always game days) and Sundays.

Every Saturday normally consists of a tri-match. A tri-match is when two teams come to one school and all three teams play each other that day. Therefore, our Saturdays involve playing two volleyball games. If I have away games on a Saturday, it means that I get to enjoy a nice, early morning nap on the bus ride while munching on a buttered bagel. Every Saturday morning is an early morning since games normally start at 11 am.

(Right) Elizabeth Lavin in action during a game at Manhattanville College on September 27,2014.

Despite all the craziness of preseason, practice every evening, and waking up early every Saturday, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Why? Because I get to see my amazing friends while playing the sport I love almost every day. The Mount Saint Mary College volleyball team is my second family. We all spend so much time together, which only makes us all closer. Whenever I am having a rough day with schoolwork or just life in general, I know at 7 pm that night, all my worries won’t seem as bad. My teammates have accepted my crazy personality and have done nothing but put a smile on my face whenever I’m around them. I didn’t think it was possible to love a team as much as I love mine.

Volleyball to me is just something unexplainable. The minute I step out onto that court I feel as if nothing in the world matters anymore. I know that seems a little overdramatic and unrealistic, but I can assure you that any athlete who loves his or her sport would agree with me. I really hope one day everyone can find their true love in a sport and share it with a team just as amazing as mine.

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Elizabeth Lavin, Class of 2017, is a psychology major from Hicksville, NY.