Dancing in Dublin, Sailing through Stonehenge, and Basking in Bath

by · February 6, 2013

S. Weaver at Stonehenge, Circus

Guilty as charged. I apologize for not writing to all of you last week. It was a crazy one. I got home from Dublin on Monday and ran to my Shakespeare lecture on Richard II (it is not my favorite Shakespearean piece, but it is a perfect example of a history play). This week was paper week for me. I wrote two seven-page papers, and while I enjoyed writing them, it’s refreshing to have a little bit of a break to edit them before they are due in two weeks. I apologize, I am forgetting myself. Let me tell you about Dublin.

Dublin was definitely an adventure. The research aspect of the trip did not turn out the way I had planned, but hopefully I will have a chance to get back to Ireland soon. Otherwise, it was an amazing trip, filled with culture, laughter, and a few tiny adventures. I went to Trinity College and fell in love with their library, while marveling at the Book of Kells. I walked along the river that both Stephen Dedalus and Joyce himself walked along so many years ago. I also had the chance to go to Glendalough (pronounced “Glendalock”) to see where the movie P.S. I Love You was filmed and witness where a Twelfth Century monastic village was constructed. It was life-altering to marvel at the Irish countryside and I now understand why my ancestors loved the Emerald Isle so much. After three lovely days, I hopped on a plane back to the UK.

Obviously, Dublin was fun. What else did I do this week? On Saturday, I took a train into London Paddington, a tube to Baker Street, then a bus to Stonehenge and Bath. First stop, Stonehenge (pictured above left). I have to say, on Saturday the sun was shining and England could not have been more beautiful. Did you know that Stonehenge was considered an ancient ruin even before the Romans invaded Britain? It is a magnificent vista to walk through. After Stonehenge, I got back on a bus to Bath. Thus my day with Jane Austen began.

Jane Austen spent a considerable amount of time in the small but bustling city. Two of her books are even based in Bath; both Persuasion and Northanger Abbey have elements of the novel spent in Bath. I visited “The Circus” (above right) and The Jane Austen Centre, which were wonderful, and ended the day in Bath cleansing my mind at the Roman Baths (pictured below). I even made a couple wishes in the wishing pond in West Baths.

S. Weaver at Roman Baths

So I guess, despite my preliminary thoughts, my week was pretty eventful. I’ll keep you all posted as to what adventures await me in the coming weeks. I do know that I am going to Germany in three weeks! I can’t wait to practice my German! Talk to you all soon. Thanks for reading!


Stephanie Weaver, class of 2014, is an English major from Rockville Centre, NY. She is spending her spring 2013 semester studying abroad – and blogging about her adventures – in Reading, England.